magazine 20 Oct 2016

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One of the most famous investors ever, Warren Buffett has earned his place in stock market history, but if he was to glance across the pond to the UK's market, what would he be buying today? In this week's Shares we reveal the stock selection mechanisms he might apply, explain why he's so enraptured by insurance, and pick 5 stocks that would pass a Buffett test. Also, we use the recent Tesco/Unilever dust-up to explain why pricing power is so important to investors, ponder if an 11% dividend yield is too good to be true, and flag an investment pick as energy bills start to rise. Plus there's our best investment ideas, fascinating market stats and facts, and we put fund fees under the Shares microscope.

The UK-listed stocks which meet the guru’s investment criteria

Can you spot the difference between a creative fib and the truth?

Research highlights stocks which will benefit from EU departure amid volatile sterling

Bank of America says financial assets are overvalued

Soft global outlook hurts trench coat-to-cashmere scarves seller

Analyst’s jibe at engineer’s low key assessment

Poor results suggest retailer needs a miracle to stay alive

Half year results remind market of quirky fashion brand’s potential

Improving picture for high yielding defence giant

Telit secures credit lines for big tech bet

Seismic survey results encouraging ahead of drilling effort in Egypt

Earnings downgrades and debt fears suggest it needs to rethink dividends

Woodford favourite delivers decent results and unveils new CEO

Turnaround upside and FX tailwind are reasons to like food producer

Short-selling guru making money in all market conditions

Gearing can enhance dividend yields and boost capital gains

Fund manager explains how his dividend-paying portfolio is constructed

We analyse whether high ongoing charges can ever be justified

A new report looks at how tax reforms have impacted the appeal of two major investment wrappers

Fast food seller cannibalises existing sales territory to keep growing

Virtual reality hits the mainstream

Hefty stake sales no reason to panic

Gilt yields gained a quarter of a percent in past month

Rubbish start for garbage collector

Super tight supply is supporting prices

Claws for thought as seafood snack price surges

Marmite spat is a useful reminder to look at companies’ ability to hike prices

Department store group looks vulnerable given weakness across retail sector

FTSE 100 constituent kicks off next round of trading updates from UK banking sector

All eyes on defence markets ahead of new leadership shaking up Dorset-based group

What’s your view on the housebuilders?

Gaming brain designer is closing on major outsourcing bonanza

Light up your portfolio with power and wiring specialist

Translation outfit RWS sales gain on acqusition

Upgrades flow as traction builds in connectivity