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Products from FSSA and Fidelity top the leaderboards
Thursday 18 Nov 2021 Author: Daniel Coatsworth

Fidelity Japan Trust (FJV) has the best five-year performance of all Japan-focused investment trusts and funds. It generated a 150.9% total return, which encompasses share price gains and dividends.

In comparison, the MSCI Japan index returned 46.7% over the same five-year period, being one of the popular benchmarks used by Japan-focused investment vehicles.

It is important to appreciate that what’s done well in the past won’t necessarily keep winning in the future yet studying performance tables can help to spot funds and trusts that have been doing something right.

Fidelity Japan Trust’s investment style is to find growth at a reasonable price, looking for companies whose growth prospects are being under-appreciated or are not fully recognised by other investors.

The trust has a particular focus on medium-sized and smaller companies, where lower levels of analyst coverage create more frequent or greater mispriced growth opportunities.

The best performing open-ended fund over five years is FSSA Japan Focus (BY9D7B7).

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