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Welcome to the new, improved Shares as we go digital
Thursday 06 Oct 2016 Author: Daniel Coatsworth

Welcome to the first issue of Shares in its new format as a digital magazine. This edition is jam-packed with ideas, data and insight to help you become a better investor.

Regular readers may notice a few changes in terms of section names. We’ve also added a few new sections and made parts of the magazine more user-friendly, particularly for anyone who wants a clear, easy to read summary of the market’s most important events.

For example, we are introducing a new section called Story In Numbers which is your dashboard for monitoring key movements in stocks, funds, commodity prices, big contracts, acquisitions, trends, you name it.

We’ve always flown the flag for smaller companies and we will continue to provide extensive coverage on this area of the market. You asked us to increase coverage of bigger stocks as well, so we are introducing a new weekly section called Larger Companies.

Over the years we’ve had people ask us to run a section dedicated to our best ideas each week; that was exactly the purpose of the Plays of the Week section. Perhaps it wasn’t clear enough as to what the section meant, which has led us to give it the new name of Great Ideas.

The principle remains the same: if you’ve only got the time and/or money to make one or two investments each week in individual companies or funds, stories in this section are our ‘great ideas’ for you to research further.

We have extended our funds coverage in recognition that most investors put money into both individual company shares and investment collectives.

We intend to analyse a lot of data to help spot really interesting funds, investment trusts and exchange-traded funds. You can see the first fruits of our labour in this week’s main feature which looks at investment trusts that have delivered very good returns year in, year out.

Our Under The Bonnet section has been a big favourite with readers and we’re eager to know which companies you’d like us to analyse in the magazine. Drop us a line at with ‘Under The Bonnet’ in the subject line, tweet us @sharesmag or send a message via our Facebook page.

The purpose of our magazine has not changed, despite the new distribution method. We provide ideas for stocks and funds for your portfolio, what to avoid and how to stay ahead of the market. We also explain how to manage a portfolio, what to think about as an investor and the potential routes you could take to achieve certain goals.

We have something for everyone; whether you are new to investing or are a seasoned expert, invest via an ISA, dealing account or self-invested personal pension. We are here to help.

Daniel Coatsworth. Editor

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