magazine 23 Jan 2020

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Is it time to sell oil investments? Shares debates this key question, alongside an overview of all the oil stocks in the FTSE 350 index.

Discover how one of Woodford’s income funds could look under its new management, and find out why Sirius Minerals’ chairman has issued a stark warning to shareholders.

Shares undertakes a deep dive into Marks & Spencer’s strategy to find out why analysts are turning positive on the stock. It explains why Fundsmith’s annual shareholder letter is essential reading and the lessons you can learn from a stock with a very high share price.

You can also read about M&G, Premier Foods, GVC and one-stop-shop funds.

The Mr. Kipling cake maker has positive momentum, but it also carries a mountain of debt

The precious metal is going up faster than gold

Investors could lose all of their money if takeover deal is not approved, he warns

The stock is now trading at a three-year low as UK sales growth struggles and it reveals more US investment plans

Many firms talk a good game, but some of London’s 100 largest companies do a lot more than others

Climate change is putting pressure on the sector

We undertake a deep dive of the food and clothing retailer to see why analysts are starting to like Marks & Spencer

New manager ASI gives the biggest hints at how it plans to revitalise the troubled income fund

But don’t put all your money in a single product as you still need to spread your risks

They can reflect the past success of the underlying business

From renting or selling property to annuities and investments, we look at the different paths you can take

Manager Terry Smith has some fascinating things to say about value versus growth investing

The transport operator seems to be overcoming various problems and offers investors a nice dividend yield

Investors may be missing a trick and ignoring M&G’s unique positioning and growth potential

Company boosts exposure to weapon systems and defence electronics with deals

The company is set to acquire CSS Industries for £89.7m

The company has guided that earnings will be at the top end of prior guidance

The Chinese stock market is looking for a stronger catalyst

AJ Bell pensions expert Tom Selby looks at how investments like annuities might be hit