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While companies and their investors often look at underlying figures to get a sense of the health of the business, it's important to still consider at one-off items
Thursday 25 Jan 2018 Author: David Stevenson

Chemring’s (CHG) reported 30% increase in underlying pre-tax profit to £44.1m may sound like great news.

However, one-off items or exceptionals take £40.1m off the figure or 90.9% of the total.

This means that at a statutory level, pre-tax profit slumped by half, from £8m in 2016 to £4m last year.

The one-off items include acquisition and disposal costs as well as business restructuring.

One cost that is likely to recur for the current financial year is the write-down of patents and licenses which came in at £15m for 2017 and £14.8m in 2016.

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