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Best books for learning about investing?


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This week’s question...

What are the best books for learning about investing?


Alongside classics such as Jim Slater’s the Zulu Principle and Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor, I have found Michael Cahill’s Making The Right Investment Decisions really helpful. The company helps you zero in on the things that really matter about a company and why shareholder value has nothing to do with short-term fluctuations in earnings per share.

Michael Dalby, Email

@SHARESmag huge fan of
‘Free Capital’ by @guy_thomas, was pivotal for me as an investor seeing how “one size doesn’t fit all”

Norbert Colon @vodkaquickstep

John Cotter’s Cotter on Investing by the late veteran of the finance industry is an excellent beginners’ guide to the markets and has a refreshing lack of jargon. Interesting examples such as how he cottoned on to the potential of online fashion retailer ASOS by picking up on his daughters’ devotion to the site help bring it to life.

B. Jones, Email

@SharesMagDan Agreed.Shows there are many genuinely different ways to invest & be successful It’s divided into useful parts

David @Carmensfella

@SharesMagDan Agreed! I
see I still have the top review on Amazon

Steve Holdsworth@sholdsworth1963


The big question for next week...

What sectors do you perceive as too complex to invest in?

Please feel free to comment on the reasons behind your choice.



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