Range of accounts for investing for children

We offer a Junior ISA, Junior SIPP and Dealing account for children and each has their own pros and cons depending on the reasons for investing for your children and the length of time you are looking to invest:

  Junior ISA Junior SIPP Dealing account for children
Who is eligible Child not eligible for a Child Trust Fund, except where CTF transferred when setting up the Junior ISA Any child Any child
Who can manage the account Registered contact As agreed with provider Trustee
How much can be invested pa £9,000 £2,880 net, £3,600 gross Unlimited
Tax relief on contributions? No Yes – 20% No
When can money be withdrawn No access until 18 No access until minimum retirement age Money can only be used for child’s benefit. Child entitled to all when 18
Is CGT payable No No Yes but your child will have their own CGT allowance
Is interest tax free Yes Yes No but your child will have their own personal allowance
Is dividend income tax free? Yes Yes No - but your child will have their own dividend allowance
Tax payable on withdrawal No Yes – first 25% tax free and then at marginal rate No
Charges and rates See our Junior ISA charges and rates See our Junior SIPP charges and rates See our Dealing account charges and rates

Does your child have a Child Trust Fund? Once they turn 18, their account will mature and they'll need to decide what to do with it. Read more about matured Child Trust Funds.

Remember that tax rules can change in the future and the tax treatment depends on your or your child’s personal circumstances.