Dealing account charges

We are committed to transparent and fair charges that offer you excellent value and are amongst the lowest in the market.

Use our simple charges calculator to estimate your charges and compare them with our largest competitors.

Set up and administration

Setting up your Dealing account No charge
Paying a single or regular payment into your Dealing account No charge
Transfer in from another provider No charge
Account charge No charge

Custody charge

  Value Annual charge
Cash   No charge
Shares (including investment trusts, ETFs, gilts and bonds) 0.25% (maximum £7.50 per quarter)
Funds (including unit trusts, OEICs and structured products) First £0 - £250,000
Next £250,000 - £1m
Next £1m - £2m
Value over £2m
No charge

Buying and selling investments (per deal)

Funds (including unit trusts and OEICs) online £1.50
Shares (including investment trusts, ETFs, gilts and bonds) online £9.95
Shares, where there were 10 or more shares deals in the previous month £4.95
Regular investments online £1.50
Dividend reinvestment 1.00% (min £1.50, max £9.95)
Telephone £29.95
Where we are required to complete a paper application (eg structured products and IPOs where specified) £100
Foreign exchange charge on international dealing and foreign currency funds 1.00%

Transfer out and other charges

Cash transfer to another manager or stockbroker No charge
Transfer out the underlying assets £25 per holding
Cash withdrawal by BACS No charge
Payment by CHAPS £25 plus VAT
Disinvestment, if we need to sell some of your holdings to cover charges £29.95 per holding
Foreign exchange charge payable when we have to convert any dividends or corporate action payments into sterling 0.50%

Interest rates paid on the cash held in your Dealing account

Cash balance Gross interest rate for this tier only Interest rate (AER) for this tier only
Above £50,000 0.05% 0.05%
£50,000 and below 0.00% 0.00%


All charges will be deducted from your Dealing account. These charges and rates are effective from 18 April 2017.

Custody charge

  • The funds and shares custody charges will be based on the mid-price value of investments in your account on the last working day of each month in the calendar quarter.  This will include investments added to your account, but not yet settled at the month end. The charges will normally be collected within 20 business days of the quarter end.
  • For new accounts opened during the month the funds and shares custody charges will be applied on a pro-rata basis from the date of account opening to the end of the month. For accounts closed in a month, the custody charges will be applied on a pro rata basis from the beginning of the month to the date we receive your closing instruction.
  • There will be no custody charge for the AJ Bell Passive funds until 1 January 2019.

Buying and selling investments

  • The shares online dealing charge is determined by the number of deals you placed in the previous calendar month across the accounts in your individual name (excluding any regular investment and dividend reinvestment deals). For example, the charge you pay in February will depend on the number of shares deals you made in January. If you make 10 or more online shares deals a month, then the £4.95 charge will apply the following month.
  • The investments that you choose may have their own initial and annual charges, in addition to our dealing and custody charges.
  • If you are investing in unit trusts and OEICs, we offer discounts on the initial charge made by the fund managers. Any specially negotiated discounts of initial charges on unit trusts and OEICs are passed to you. See our funds universe for details. Information on the annual charge for the unit trust or OEIC may be obtained from our website, or direct from the fund manager.
  • Dealing charges apply separately to purchases and sales. The dealing charge for each transaction will be shown on the contract note.
  • Dealing charges don’t apply for buying the AJ Bell Passive funds.
  • Stamp duty of 0.50% applies on all purchases (not sales) of UK quoted shares (1.00% for shares quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange). Stamp duty is payable on certain securities issued by UK incorporated companies where these securities are traded as CREST Depositary Interests. There is no stamp duty on purchases (or sales) of unit trusts, open ended investment companies (OEICs), exchange traded funds (ETFs), warrants and government stock (gilts).
  • The PTM (Panel on Takeovers and Mergers) levy of £1.00 is payable on equity trades with a consideration over £10,000 in securities of companies which are incorporated in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
  • You will be told in advance if we need to complete a paper application.

International dealing

  • Additional government and local stock exchange charges are payable for certain international markets. These will be added to your contract note.
  • A foreign exchange charge of 1.00% will be included in the rate used to convert the value of your deal to sterling. We may share a proportion of this with our service provider.

Interest rates paid on the cash held in your Dealing account

  • The interest rate for each tier only applies to money held in that tier and not to the account balance as a whole. Total interest paid will be a blended rate depending on the money held in each tier. Therefore the interest rates shown should not be used for comparative purposes with other accounts, unless they operate on a similar basis.
  • The Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) represents the annual rate effectively received by your account if the interest at gross rate applied during a year remained in the account and itself earned interest.
  • There are no routine bank transaction charges and interest is paid to your account without any deduction of tax.
  • Interest rates are subject to variation and interest is paid to your account quarterly, in arrears. Interest will not be credited or paid if the amount of such interest, at the end of each quarter, is less than £2.50.
  • AJ Bell receives payments from banks based on the aggregate cash balances held across all accounts. The amount we receive will vary depending on the total cash balances held and market interest rates. Over the foreseeable future, we expect to receive between 0.05% and 0.25% below the prevailing base rate for cash held within a Dealing account, although it may be higher or lower when interest rates are volatile. These payments are used to pay interest at the rates shown on our website, and we retain the amount received above these rates to keep our administration, custody and dealing charges low.


  • VAT is only applicable where indicated.
  • You must always ensure that there is sufficient cash held to cover our charges when they are due for payment.