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Saving for your child’s future is important to most people and whilst it is better to start early in a child’s life, it is never too late to save for their future. There are a range of accounts available with great tax benefits and anyone can contribute which makes it ideal for grandparents and birthday gifts.

Range of accounts

Choosing the right account to give your offspring the best possible start in life is vital. We offer a range of options to help you save for your children:

Choosing the correct account

Choosing the correct one for you will depend largely on how and when you expect your child to be using the money you have saved for them. For example, are you happy for the money to be tied up until they reach retirement age or are you more concerned that they have enough money to buy their first home or pay for their university degree or perhaps you are looking to pay for school fees.

See our account comparison table to help you choose the correct account.

Regular investment service

Saving regularly is a great way to build up a nest egg for your child’s future. Our regular investment service allows you to invest from £25 a month in a wide range of funds and shares. Dealing costs are low - just £1.50 per investment purchase and instructions are set up and managed online.

Getting started

You can apply for our Junior ISA and Junior SIPP online and the application process only takes around 10 minutes. You will need to complete a form to open a Dealing account for children and send this to us.

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Investing for children

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Child Trust Funds

From 6 April 2015 you can transfer a Child Trust Fund to our Junior ISA.

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