AJ Bell Youinvest via Google Assistant

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google. The service is available on the voice-activated speaker Google Home and supported smartphones running the latest versions of Android operating system. The service is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, and other real time information. Find out more about Google Assistant on the Google website.

The AJ Bell Youinvest app allows our clients to conveniently stay informed with the performance of their investments and the market generally.

How to interact with AJ Bell Youinvest

1. Say "OK Google, talk to AJ Bell".

2. Optionally link your account by following the instructions once prompted. Please note that due to the nature of Google Assistant, anyone with access to your device may be able to retrieve your information if your account is linked - please consider this before linking your account.

3. Ask us any of the following:-

  • How are my accounts doing? - this returns summary information on all your accounts including those linked to your log in.
  • How is my {SIPP|ISA|Dealing Account} doing? - this returns more in-depth information about a specific account.
  • What is the price for Vodafone? ; or alternatively use the ticker, e.g. "What is the price for V O D ?
    We are continually working to expand the recognition capabilities for all company names; our coverage is currently the FTSE100 shares

By using our service via Google Assistant you agree with our terms of usage

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Read our frequently asked questions on our mobile dealing apps

How much do the apps cost?

Our apps are free to download.

What are the prices quoted on the app?

The prices quoted are delayed by 15 minutes, but if you are dealing in equities the price quoted when you place a deal is the actual price you deal at.

Can I use the apps outside the UK?

Yes you can, but you must have downloaded the app first as this can only be done within the UK.

How secure are your mobile dealing apps?

Our apps use the same high level of security as our dealing site with all information sent and received securely with a 256-bit encryption. The apps will also time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

When you login you will be offered the option of having the apps remember your username, and if you choose this then a ‘key’ is created that represents your device and is stored on your mobile device in an encrypted form. We have the functionality to decrypt this key to allow you to login again securely, so even if your device is lost there is no way that the information can be accessed from it.

Do I need new log in details to use the apps?

No, you can simply use your existing username and password.

What are the terms and conditions of the apps?

When you use the apps you are bound by our iPhone and iPad or Android terms and conditions.

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