AJ Bell Global Growth fund - the easy, low-cost way to invest in the future, today

What’s the AJ Bell Global Growth fund?

The AJ Bell Global Growth fund gives you the chance to invest in the technology and markets of tomorrow, today.

With just one single investment, you could rocket-power your portfolio by investing in some of the world's fastest-growing holdings. The AJ Bell Global Growth fund gives you exposure to shares from emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China, as well as innovative future tech like robotics, AI and solar power. Managed by our experts, the fund also invests in UK shares, and shares from other developed markets.

Keep in mind, though, that the AJ Bell Global Growth fund won’t be for everyone. By its nature, this fund is riskier than the other funds in our Passive funds range, and will only suit you if you're happy to accept a greater risk of loss for the chance of a greater return across the long term (five years and more).

  • Emerging markets - Invest in shares in some of the fastest-growing nations, as well as in traditional developed markets
  • Future tech - The fund's expertly selected investments include shares in the global technology sector
  • Low cost - The annual charge is capped at 0.5%, putting it among the cheapest funds on the market
Matt Brennan, Head of Passive Portfolios introduces the AJ Bell Global Growth fund.
In making the Passive funds available to you, we are not giving you personal advice. Before you invest you need to make sure that you understand all the risks and are comfortable that this investment is right for you. The value could go down as well as up. Make sure you read the KIID before investing to understand the full picture.

Asset allocation

"Our Global Growth fund will allow you to invest in the fund of the future, today."

Matt Brennan, Head of Passive Portfolios

VT AJ Bell Passive Global Growth fund

Is this the right fund for me?

You want your money to work ultra-hard, and are happy to go where the risks and returns are highest. You’re prepared to accept potential losses in the knowledge of a greater potential upside over the longer term (five years and beyond).

The Global Growth fund invests mostly in high-risk assets, including shares in emerging markets and global technology, as well as shares in the UK and other developed markets. The fund invests only very minimally in less risky assets like cash and lower-yield bonds. (Shares, in which you become part-owner of a company, are generally considered to offer a greater – if riskier – return, than bonds, in which you effectively lend a company or government money to receive regular interest.)

Projected fund performance

Likely high, medium and low returns for £10,000 invested in the Global Growth fund for 20 years.


This chart shows the range of returns we would normally expect the fund to make. Whilst we have been careful in the assumptions used in this forecast, it is only a forecast and cannot be relied on as a true indicator of future performance. Read more about the charts and assumptions made.

Fund charges

At AJ Bell Youinvest, we always want to give you the best possible investment at the lowest possible price. And our Passive funds are no different.

That’s why we’ve capped the OCF (or ongoing charges figure) for each fund at just 0.5%. The OCF covers a fund’s expenses, from fund management fees to custody, legal and accountancy charges. Very few fund managers agree to cap it, but we’ve done so to give you complete transparency on how much you’ll pay.

You’ll also pay no dealing charges for buying any of the AJ Bell Passive funds, and until January 2019, you’ll pay no custody charges either. Read more on our charges and rates.

  • Capped OCF of 0.5% pa
  • No charge to buy this fund

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