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If you are looking for help with investing your money then our free investment guidance service could be right for you. We identify the key investment markets across the globe, to provide maximum flexibility and diversification and to help you decide what to invest in.

We have created three AJ Bell global tracker portfolios, for the cautious, balanced and adventurous investor. Alternatively you can design your own portfolio using investments from our top tracker list. There are no charges for using our investment guidance service, our normal account and dealing charges apply. This service is not personal advice. You are responsible for selecting and managing your investments, for more information read about this service.

Choose the portfolio that meets your needs

Our tracker fund list and portfolios have been designed to help you decide what to invest in but they are not personal advice. You are responsible for selecting and managing your investments and you need to be sure that these investments are right for you before investing. If you are unsure if these investments are suitable, please contact a financial adviser. These tracker funds are designed to be held for the medium to long term - three to seven years. We cannot guarantee the performance of any of the tracker funds and their value may go down as well as up.

Andy Bell, CEO, AJ Bell

Andy Bell


Why use our global tracker portfolios?

  • You want help with choosing investments
  • You want to invest in key global markets using the best tracker funds
  • Portfolios constructed by our team of experts
  • You are looking for a low-cost portfolio building service
  • Receive monthly updates and commentary on the performance of the portfolios
  • Easy access to your portfolio online and via our mobile app

This service is here for you, the private do-it-yourself investor and especially those who are newcomers to the financial markets or who want a little more help." RUSS MOULD, AJ BELL INVESTMENT DIRECTOR