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We’ve launched a weekly podcast to help you understand the markets and manage your investment portfolio.

Co-presented by Laura Suter, AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst, and Daniel Coatsworth, editor of Shares Magazine, 'AJ Bell Money & Markets' is the easy way to stay up to speed with the investing world.

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Retail reopening, attractions of family-run businesses and return of Mark Barnett
Thursday 15 Apr 2021

This week’s podcast looks at the challenges facing retailers as shops reopen in England. Danni Hewson talks about the likes of JD Sports and Primark’s owner Associated British Foods, together with a look at how Tesco has fared during the pandemic.

Joe Bauernfreund from AVI Global Trust joins the show to talk about the attractions of family-run businesses from an investment perspective.

Dan Coatsworth discusses the return of former star fund manager Mark Barnett and he chats with Laith Khalaf about the FTSE 250 index of UK companies hitting a new record high.

Laith also dives into the world of closet trackers, namely funds where managers aren’t really adding much value despite being paid an annual fee.

Finally, Jenny Owen talks about a surreal money-related story involving beer and robots.

The FTSE 250’s spring surge, pension pitfalls to watch when taking a tax free chunk and Deliveroo’s less floppy retail debut.
Thursday 08 Apr 2021

This week’s podcast looks at the record gains in the UK’s second tier index as another phase of lockdown nears it’s end.  It also examines how Deliveroo’s retail investors fared when they finally got the chance to trade their shares.    

Tom Selby explains what you need to look out for if you’re planning to take a tax free sum from your pension pot and Tom Sieber gives his tips on how to spring clean your portfolio. 

Jessica Ayres, a financial adviser with Timothy James & Partners Explains why women in particular need to get to grips with their finances if it looks like divorce is on the cards. 

And Jenny Owen’s back with tips on turning your old toys into significant amounts of cash.

Deliveroo flop, doubling money on Royal Mail shares and helping younger people get into investing
Thursday 01 Apr 2021

This week’s podcast looks at why Deliveroo’s stock market debut didn’t go to plan. It also examines how stock markets performed around the world in the first quarter of 2021.

Temple Bar Investment Trust fund manager Ian Lance discusses why Royal Mail’s shares have soared since November and why he’s backing BP despite growing investor opposition to oil producers.

Tom Selby answers a listener’s question on pensions, and he talks to Iona Bain about how she is helping younger people to better understand investing.

The podcast also looks at ways to claim money for working from home and Jenny Owen explains why certain pandemic-era memorabilia could be worth a lot of money in the future.

Everything you need to know about ISAs, big change at Scottish Mortgage and a warning for young investors
Thursday 25 Mar 2021

It’s an ISA special with lots of useful information to help you get the most from your investments and not lose out to the taxman.

The podcast also chats about what a change in manager means for investors in popular investment trust Scottish Mortgage, and why the regulator is concerned about young investors not understanding the risks of buying shares and cryptocurrencies.

[4.03] What is an ISA?

[8.30] Tax benefits of ISAs

[12.45] Using an ISA to get on the housing ladder

[15.20] When to use a Cash ISA or a Stocks & Shares ISA

[18.20] Top ISA tips

[20.45] Most popular stocks, funds and investment trusts held in an ISA

[26.40] Using an ISA to invest for children

[29.30] Listener questions about ISAs

[40.00] Strange money story of the week

Missing out on IPO gains, AstraZeneca's falling share price, growing demand to be a Cake Box franchisee and green investing with TRIG
Thursday 18 Mar 2021

In this week’s podcast: how retail investors often miss out on big first day gains with IPOs.

Find out what investors think about AstraZeneca’s vaccine roll-out being halted in parts of the world and why its shares were falling months before this incident.

Dan Coatsworth examines Greggs’ latest results and chats with Cake Box CEO Sukh Chamdal about growing demand to be a franchisee.

Danni Hewson talks about the return of 95% mortgages while Tom Sieber weighs up the state of the housebuilding sector. Jenny Owen is also on the show with a bizarre story about fridge magnets that detect new mortgage deals.

Don’t miss Danni talking to Helen Mahy from The Renewables Infrastructure Group about all things green. And there’s some good news for people who’ve been paying too much on their energy bills

Surviving the tech sell-off, teaching money in schools and getting clever with cash ISAs
Thursday 11 Mar 2021

This week’s episode chats about the big stimulus cheques being sent to US households and how that money might be spent on investing.

Rosanna Burcheri from Artemis Global Select fund and William De Gale from Bluebox Technology fund talk about the recent sell-off in tech stocks, what to think about if you’ve been affected, and why they think parts of the tech space still hold considerable appeal.

Danni Hewson looks at progress made with teaching school children about managing money and how some people could be losing out by not seeking better rates on their cash savings.

Dan Coatsworth chats about the latest financial results from Domino’s Pizza, ITV and Foxtons, and there is also a look at Restaurant Group’s big fundraise.

Bond yields causing trouble, AJ Bell CEO on the surge in share dealing interest, and why the SPAC craze could be headed for the UK market
Friday 05 Mar 2021

This week’s podcast explores why stock markets are being troubled by rising bond yields, and how inflation expectations are causing a sell-off in tech stocks.

Danni Hewson considers the ethical issues clouding Boohoo and why investors should be paying close attention to the oil price.

AJ Bell’s chief executive Andy Bell is this week’s special guest where he discusses the rise in popularity for share dealing and whether people flocking to trade GameStop shares could become long-term investors. He chats about the rise of free investment apps and what goes on behind the scenes when you buy a share.

Dan Coatsworth examines potential changes to UK stock market listing rules and how the proposals have already convinced Deliveroo to choose the London Stock Exchange as the home for its shares.

The knock-on effect of any listing rule changes is that London market could finally get its share of the action for SPACS – in-demand investment vehicles on a mission to buy companies.

Budget special: what it means for your money, the stocks that jumped, and why companies could be pleased at the tax changes
Wednesday 03 Mar 2021

Danni Hewson makes her debut as the new co-host of the podcast and joins Dan and Tom to analyse the key points from Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget.

They discuss the key points relevant to savers and investors, such as the state of play with pensions and ISAs, as well as the new green savings bond being planned by the NS&I.

Danni looks at the economic forecasts for the UK, while Dan gets stuck into the impact of tax cuts for companies on investing in equipment and why this could be good news.

You can also discover the stocks that moved the most on the Budget and why changes to corporation tax may not be as bad as feared.

Finally, Tom considers all the bits that were predicted to happen yet didn’t crop up in the Budget.

Presented by Danni Hewson, Dan Coatsworth and Tom Selby of AJ Bell

Pensions minister Guy Opperman talks about the Pension Schemes Act, stopping the next big pensions scandal and how savings ‘sidecars’ could help address financial vulnerability
Thursday 25 Feb 2021

In an exclusive interview with Money & Markets, pensions minister Guy Opperman discusses the key elements of the Pension Schemes Act and how it will aim to make people’s pensions ‘safer, better and greener’.

He discusses new rules designed to punish bosses who neglect their responsibilities to pension scheme members and protect people from scams, the future of ‘pensions dashboards’ and why ESG investing is at the top of the Government’s agenda.

He also talks about the future of Government pensions policy and why savings ‘sidecars’ could help address financial vulnerability in a post-lockdown world.

Presented by Tom Selby

The return of Neil Woodford, new data sheds light on financial vulnerability, a focus on the future in China and why the age people can access their pension pot is rising
Thursday 18 Feb 2021

This week’s podcast discusses the return of Neil Woodford, the man who made a fortune for himself and investors at Invesco Perpetual before things turned sour at his solo venture Woodford Investment Management.

We also talk about a big piece of work the FCA has carried out assessing people’s financial circumstances since lockdown measures were introduced, and the latest ‘retirement corner’ looks at the impact of the Government’s decision to increase the normal minimum pension age.

This week’s special guest is Andy Rothman, investment strategist at asset manager Matthews Asia. Andy talks to Dan about a range of topical issues involving China including what’s happening in the country economically post-Covid, ESG considerations with Chinese companies, and whether Joe Biden can quickly repair relationships between the US and China.

Presented by Tom Selby and Laith Khalaf