How the Cash savings hub works

The Cash savings hub takes the fuss out of finding better interest rates. In just one place, you can choose between competitive accounts, deposit your cash, and take instant action when your term is up. No form-filling, no paperwork – and all completely free to use.

Why choose the Cash savings hub

  • Easy to use
    In one place, browse a wide range of savings accounts and open as many as you like
  • Earn better rates
    A choice of fixed term and notice accounts, all offering competitive rates
  • Completely free
    We're paid by our partner banks, not by you, letting you save money as well as time
  • Peace of mind
    Each account comes with Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) cover

Three steps to easier saving

Before you get started, you'll first need to open an AJ Bell Youinvest account if you don't have one already. Browse our accounts.


Browse the available savings accounts offered by our partner banks and choose the one for you


Open a Cash savings hub account online


Pay the money you’d like to deposit into your Cash savings hub from your personal bank account

Get started

How does it work?

On the Cash savings hub, you only need to pay money into one place – your transit account. This is the temporary ‘holding area’ for your money.

Money you pay into your transit account will transfer automatically to the savings account(s) you choose. It will then transfer back (along with any interest earned) when your term is up. 

Your transit account is operated by our partner, Starling Bank, and is unique to you – with your own account number and sort code. As a temporary home for your cash, it doesn’t pay interest. 

  • You can only pay into your account via faster payments. It’s worth checking whether your bank places a ceiling on one-off faster payment amounts. If so, you may need to pay in your full deposit amount in instalments, rather than one go
  • When the full amount you want to deposit is in your transit account, we’ll send your application to the partner bank and let you know when your savings account is open (this takes a few working days)
  • If you prefer, you can pay into your transit account first, then choose a savings account later

Keep in mind that the Cash savings hub is a standalone service, so you can’t use it for cash you have in other accounts with us. Have a question? Read our comprehensive Cash savings hub FAQs to learn more.

What happens when my savings term is up?

Fixed term accounts – when your term is nearly up, we’ll email you with your options. If you decide not to renew the account, or it isn’t possible to, your cash will automatically return to your transit account once the term finishes

Notice accounts – your account will stay open indefinitely until you give notice. You can give notice via your cash savings hub account. Then, once the notice period has passed, your money will automatically transfer back to your transit account
  • Once the money is back in your transit account, you can decide to deposit it in another savings account, or withdraw it.
  • For a fixed term account, you can’t withdraw money until the term is up. For a notice account, you’ll need to give the length of notice specified by the account before you can withdraw
  • It’s up to the partner bank whether you can renew a fixed term savings account. Check your options in advance by logging in to your Cash savings hub
  • After your fixed term account is up or your notice period has passed, it will take up to four working days for your cash and interest to transfer back to your transit account


How do I know I’m getting a competitive rate?

We work hard to ensure our rates are among the best on offer. And our partner banks offer a wide range of savings terms, letting you choose how long your savings are locked away.

What is a Sharia account?

To comply with Islamic law, a Sharia account pays an 'expected profit rate' (EPR) rather than interest. Anyone can open a Sharia account, which offers the same FSCS cover as a regular account. Learn more about Sharia savings accounts.

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