We're refreshing our website – take a sneak peek

We've been hard at work updating the AJ Bell Youinvest website – and it’s almost complete. Want a sneak peek? You can try our refreshed website, before it launches, by clicking the button below.

As you’ll see, the main improvement we’ve made is to the site’s appearance. We’ve refreshed the design of every page, making it easier to navigate and more mobile-friendly. We’ve also added a feature for SIPP and ISA accounts showing the contributions and subscriptions you’ve made in that tax year. There are also further improvements under the bonnet – an important advantage of our new site is that it makes it easier for us to develop new features for you in the future.

You can log in to your AJ Bell Youinvest account on the beta website by using your existing log in details. (You’ll need to log in to our beta site even if you’re currently logged in to our existing site.) But it’s important to remember that you’ll be logged in to your actual account – so any transactions you make will be real.

Our new website has the same high level of security as our existing site, including 256-bit SSL encryption.

As the site is still in beta development, please be patient if you come across any teething problems. Of course, feel free to return to our existing site at any point if you have any problems.

When you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to leave us feedback on the new site by clicking “Give feedback” – you’ll find it next to your account summary.

Try our new site