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Why don’t stop losses always work?

Thursday 21 May 2020

Could you explain why stop losses don’t always work? I’ve recently had the experience of setting a stop loss only to see when I logged back a day or so later that the price had fallen through the trigger price and the bottom price and the holding had not been sold. Keith Butler Reporter Yoosof...

Do companies still have to immediately report material changes to earnings?

Thursday 14 May 2020

Under normal circumstances companies are obliged to inform the market if there is a material change in their circumstances e.g. they gain or lose a contract representing say 20% of turnover. As many companies have withdrawn guidance because of Covid-19 does this obligation still apply or might we...

How does short selling work and do funds specialise in it?

Thursday 07 May 2020

I am quite new to investing and my portfolio is invested in shares and funds. I am interested to know how shorting a share works. I don’t really understand it so I’m not willing to try it. Could you explain it and also if there are any funds that attempt to cover this kind of trade? Helen Howe...

Why are markets up despite all the bad news?

Thursday 30 Apr 2020

‘Why is it that stock markets have not fallen further, given that the financial effects of the coronavirus are forecast to be so much greater than those of the 2008 recession, unemployment rates are forecast to be so high and dividend support is disappearing? Can it simply be attributed to...


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