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Investment Trusts

Are you really getting diversification from your funds and investment trusts?

Thursday 31 Jan 2019

Diversification is widely considered to be an important part of investing. You should ensure your investments are spread across a variety of assets, in different sectors and a number of regions so one piece of negative news doesn’t result in disproportionate damage to your portfolio. Achieving this...

Henderson Smaller’s half-year hurt

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

First half results (18 Jan) from Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust ( HSL ) reveal a rare period of underperformance. But manager Neil Hermon, who has outperformed the benchmark in 14 of the past 15 financial years, insists his universe ‘continues to throw up exciting growth opportunities...

Balance sheet clean up in renewables trusts space

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

Several renewables investment trusts could issue a flood of new shares over the coming months, speculate analysts, after a blitz of project funding. Greencoat Renewables ( GRP ) , Greencoat UK Wind ( UKW ) and NextEnergy ( NESF ) are in the frame, while Foresight Solar ( FSFL ) is expected to...

The importance of investment style when picking funds

Thursday 17 Jan 2019

When it comes to choosing an investment fund there are a number of things to take into account: fees, track record and the assets and regions it invests in, to name just a few. But also worth bearing in mind is the investment style that a manager uses. Investment style determines which assets are...

Technology fund expert who’d been slicing Apple long before the warning

Thursday 10 Jan 2019

Leading technology fund manager Ben Rogoff had been cutting back on his appetite for Apple long before the consumer electronics giant’s shock profit warning (2 Jan). The respected manager of the Polar Capital Technology Trust ( PCT ) has become increasingly wary of potential threats to the...

We reveal the best performing investment trusts of 2018

Thursday 20 Dec 2018

Were you lucky enough to own some or all of the elite group of funds which made money for investors in 2018? Only 22% of active fund managers across all types of funds delivered a return above zero this year, while a mere 36% of investment trusts delivered a positive return, according to analysis...

Edinburgh Dragon looks to find its roar despite market volatility

Thursday 13 Dec 2018

As its name hints at, Aberdeen Standard Investment’s Edinburgh Dragon Trust ( EFM ) invests in Asian stocks. This has meant that over the past year it has suffered various ups and downs as trade war fears have buffeted the region’s markets. Despite an increase in volatility however, shares in the...

The benefits of self-managed investment trusts

Thursday 06 Dec 2018

Investment trusts can often be tricky vehicles to understand because they have extra features over open-ended funds such as unit trusts and Oeics. Being listed on the stock market means investors buy shares rather than units and these shares may fall to a discount to net asset value when they are...

SEEIT eyes ‘third wave’ of infrastructure trusts

Thursday 29 Nov 2018

There is a growing appetite among investors for assets whose returns are relatively uncorrelated to the wider market given the recent volatility in stocks. The team behind upcoming investment trust float SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust , or SEEIT for short, are certainly hoping to capitalise on...

Meet the investment trust which invests in other trusts

Thursday 22 Nov 2018

Many investment trusts are diversified products, typically with portfolios made up of up to 100 individual companies. A trust which invests in other investment trusts arguably takes this to another level, potentially providing exposure to thousands of underlying investments. You get a professional...