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Investment Trusts

Introducing the investment trusts on the FTSE 350

Thursday 15 Aug 2019

Investors who prefer to entrust capital allocation decisions to a professional money manager as opposed to buying individual stocks are exceptionally well served by the FTSE 350. Within its ranks, you’ll find a highly-diverse batch of investment trusts spanning all the key asset classes. Shares’...

A differentiated way to play the healthcare space

Thursday 08 Aug 2019

There are many reasons why investors are attracted to the healthcare space including the chance to back companies which are making a big change to people’s lives as well as finding the next wonder drug and potentially enjoying large profits from its commercialisation. Investing in this space can be...

Seven trusts on bargain ratings: which ones to buy?

Thursday 08 Aug 2019

We’ve spotted quite a few investment trusts trading at unusually large discounts to net asset value (NAV). There are good reasons why some of them are out of favour. Other situations are more perplexing which suggests investors could potentially snag themselves a bargain if we assume the discount...

How to play a surge in Chinese domestic consumption

Thursday 01 Aug 2019

A number of global, emerging market and thematic investment trusts put money to work in China, but there are just two dedicated China trusts within the investment companies sector, namely JPMorgan Chinese ( JMC ) and Fidelity China Special Situations ( FCSS ) . This pair have had a tough time of...

Alliance Trust yet to beat its target with new strategy

Thursday 25 Jul 2019

Now into its third year under a new strategy born out of pressure from activist investors Elliott Advisors and to a lesser degree Laxey Partners, Alliance Trust’s ( ATST ) shares are trading at an all-time high and investors are enjoying double-digit returns so far in 2019. Elliott Advisors is no...

European trust sharpens proposition in fight against passives

Thursday 18 Jul 2019

Fund managers are increasingly sharpening their proposition in the fight against competition from lower-cost tracker funds. Among them is John Bennett of Henderson European Focus Trust ( HEFT ) where the investment trust has amended its structure to give it capacity to make greater bets by holding...

Surf the ‘third wave’ of healthcare innovation with Syncona

Thursday 11 Jul 2019

Life science focused investment trust Syncona ( SYNC ) generated an excellent net asset value (NAV) total return of 37.9% for the year to 31 March 2019, building on the previous year’s impressive 18.7% advance. Following a share price drop from April’s 294p high point to 223p, this well-followed...

Which Nick Train fund should you buy?

Thursday 04 Jul 2019

It is not that unusual for fund managers to run more than one portfolio – and when that applies to someone with a stellar track record like Nick Train it raises the question of which fund investors should buy to gain exposure to their expertise. Sometimes known as the king of buy-and-hold investing...

Wide dispersion of discounts and premiums among private equity trusts

Thursday 27 Jun 2019

There is an unusually wide spread between the premiums and discounts in the private equity-focused investment trust space. We would normally expect such products to trade below the value of their underlying assets yet the sector currently has some trading on discounts as wide as 40% and premiums of...

John Laing Environmental looks beyond wind and solar

Thursday 20 Jun 2019

Like when a little-known band comes out with a banger and then everyone likes it, John Laing Environmental Assets ( JLEN ) is looking to tilt its portfolio as its biggest exposures, wind (43%) and solar (25%), have become too much of a scene. Citing ‘competitive pressure’ in the sectors, JLEN is...