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Should CEOs be forced to buy company shares when they get the top job?

Thursday 01 Nov 2018

Imagine starting a new job and being told you are expected to invest 300% of your basic salary in company shares. That’s exactly what’s happened with the new chief executive (CEO) of BT ( BT.A ) , Philip Jansen. He has already committed to investing £2m of his own money by late November, plus he is...

The return of pricing power in consumer goods is reason to celebrate

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

Pricing power is one of the most important indicators of a strong and high quality business as it helps companies to protect or grow their profit margins. The ability to put up prices without weakening demand is a trait that many companies would like and very few possess. Companies that can’t push...

Will Patisserie shareholders receive compensation?

Thursday 18 Oct 2018

Investors in fancy cake seller Patisserie ( CAKE:AIM ) are hoping the value of their shares haven’t been damaged too much as a rescue financing package to repair a big hole in its accounts takes effect. However, there are lingering questions from this unsavoury and certainly far from sweet episode...

Four simple steps to educating children about saving and spending

Thursday 11 Oct 2018

Rising debt levels, struggles with getting on the housing ladder and inflation rising faster than pay reinforces the need for better financial education to help individuals better manage their money. The education push ultimately needs to start from a young age, so as to engrain a savings habit in...

Can mining ever be seen as an ethical investment?

Thursday 04 Oct 2018

We’re currently in the middle of Good Money Week, an annual event aimed at raising awareness of responsible investment. Its purpose is to highlight how we can use money to benefit society and protect the environment. While much of the focus has been on the range of companies and investment funds...

Will the new boss of London Stock Exchange seek a mega M&A deal?

Thursday 27 Sep 2018

Many individuals are incredibly passionate about investing and spend a considerable amount of time chatting about stocks or investing skills with like-minded individuals. Despite this dedication, I’m amazed how little I hear London Stock Exchange ( LSE ) being discussed, given it is the system...

Turn to well-run businesses when times get tough

Thursday 20 Sep 2018

The ability to successfully navigate endless market challenges is the sign of good management and a well-run business. Investors seeking examples should look no further than Finsbury Food ( FIF:AIM ) which has just served up an impressive set of full year results. While you may think that baking...

Are you brave enough to sell an investment when circumstances change?

Thursday 13 Sep 2018

One of the best investing skills is the ability to weigh up the evidence in hand and not be swayed by preconceptions or be so emotionally attached that you fail to recognise deterioration in the investment case. Not being obsessed with a specific stock can often help you make an important decision...

What does an unchanged FTSE 100 tell us about the market?

Thursday 06 Sep 2018

As we went to press it was looking increasingly likely that the latest FTSE reshuffle would see no changes to the FTSE 100 for the first time in more than a decade. These reshuffles can be significant and not just for the prestige associated with membership of the UK’s flagship index. It can also...

How much cash have you got to buy on a market dip?

Thursday 30 Aug 2018

Wall Street last week broke the record for the longest bull run in history with the S&P 500’s current rally now beating the previous bull run in the 1990s. While this is exciting, it also acts as a reminder that the current vibrant stock market conditions globally could be well overdue a...