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Sharp increase in FTSE 100 CEO departures

Thursday 06 Dec 2018

The announcement that Paul Polman is stepping down next year as chief executive (CEO) of consumer goods giant Unilever ( ULVR ) is significant for more than one reason. While his departure isn’t really a surprise, given shareholders recently won a battle to keep the company’s headquarters in the UK...

What will happen to the retail sector in 2019?

Thursday 29 Nov 2018

We’re now entering that time of the year when experts give their predictions for the year ahead covering a wide range of topics, from economics to politics and markets to currencies. We’ll discuss all the hot topics in the 13 December issue of Shares so you’re better informed going into 2019. Ahead...

Video ad experts could be on the FAANGs’ radar

Thursday 22 Nov 2018

A lot of attention has been given to Google and Facebook as being core players in the world of advertising. Their platforms are, without doubt, extremely powerful given immense engagement with people around the world. These companies, alongside Amazon, Apple and Netflix, make up the ‘FAANGs’ empire...

Are we entering a bear market and does it matter?

Thursday 15 Nov 2018

US stocks are experiencing renewed volatility after several of Apple’s suppliers warned on profit (12 Nov). This has raised concerns over the growth rate at the consumer electronics giant and several of its big technology peers, sending shares in Apple and other tech companies into reverse. Worries...

Fintech is equally exciting and frustrating from an investment perspective

Thursday 08 Nov 2018

Most companies will inevitably have to adapt to changes at some point in their life as customer preferences evolve and technology opens up new ways of operating. The banking sector is now facing this situation and this is why ‘fintech’ (or financial technology) has become such a buzzword. Banks...

Should CEOs be forced to buy company shares when they get the top job?

Thursday 01 Nov 2018

Imagine starting a new job and being told you are expected to invest 300% of your basic salary in company shares. That’s exactly what’s happened with the new chief executive (CEO) of BT ( BT.A ) , Philip Jansen. He has already committed to investing £2m of his own money by late November, plus he is...

The return of pricing power in consumer goods is reason to celebrate

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

Pricing power is one of the most important indicators of a strong and high quality business as it helps companies to protect or grow their profit margins. The ability to put up prices without weakening demand is a trait that many companies would like and very few possess. Companies that can’t push...

Will Patisserie shareholders receive compensation?

Thursday 18 Oct 2018

Investors in fancy cake seller Patisserie ( CAKE:AIM ) are hoping the value of their shares haven’t been damaged too much as a rescue financing package to repair a big hole in its accounts takes effect. However, there are lingering questions from this unsavoury and certainly far from sweet episode...

Four simple steps to educating children about saving and spending

Thursday 11 Oct 2018

Rising debt levels, struggles with getting on the housing ladder and inflation rising faster than pay reinforces the need for better financial education to help individuals better manage their money. The education push ultimately needs to start from a young age, so as to engrain a savings habit in...

Can mining ever be seen as an ethical investment?

Thursday 04 Oct 2018

We’re currently in the middle of Good Money Week, an annual event aimed at raising awareness of responsible investment. Its purpose is to highlight how we can use money to benefit society and protect the environment. While much of the focus has been on the range of companies and investment funds...