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Helping children to develop important money skills

Thursday 06 Jun 2019

Last week I attended a social gathering where a five-year-old boy was commanding the attention of a large group of people. He was asking them to perform magic tricks which inevitably resulted in a coin appearing behind someone’s ear or underneath their foot. The audience were scrambling around for...

Why it is worth getting excited about these stock market stars

Thursday 30 May 2019

Its easy to get sucked into the noise about uncertainty in the UK created by Brexit and the impact this is having on the markets. This is clearly a live issue, and no-one would deny it is having a tangible impact on market and business confidence. However, there are still lots of excellent and...

Helping you find the best sources of income

Thursday 23 May 2019

Income is highly desired by investors but it not always easy to find sustainable dividends. This week’s edition of Shares dives into this theme and looks at income choices from the perspective of three different product classes: shares, exchange-traded funds and investment trusts. We’ve analysed...

Why aren’t investors buying stocks with 9% yields?

Thursday 16 May 2019

The market seems to be fed up with many of the classic high yield stocks on the London market. Once-popular income plays like Centrica ( CNA ) , Imperial Brands ( IMB ) and Royal Mail ( RMG ) continue to fall in value despite offering very attractive dividend yields. There used to be an argument...

Understanding the impact of inflation on your investments

Thursday 09 May 2019

Many investors fail to factor in the impact of inflation when thinking about what their money can buy and the true value of their investment returns. This isn’t wise as individuals are potentially overestimating the power of their money. It is easy to see why inflation is overlooked as rates have...

Why the US economy might not be in as great shape as you think

Thursday 02 May 2019

On 26 April US GDP figures apparently showed an economy in much ruder health than anyone had imagined. The headline annualised growth figure of 3.2% was significantly ahead of the 2.3% forecast by economists and the best first quarter performance since 2015. The positive surprise helped drive US...

Looking for bright geographical spots as economic clouds darken

Thursday 25 Apr 2019

It’s been quite a whirlwind period since the start of the year with markets racing ahead despite plenty of negative economic news. While we’ve covered many of the warning signs in Shares in recent months, it is worth pointing out not everything is doom and gloom. Our main feature this week looks at...

What a blockbuster US deal can tell us about the oil price

Thursday 18 Apr 2019

On 12 April US oil company Chevron made a $33bn swoop for Anadarko. As well as heralding a possible wave of mergers and acquisitions in the energy sector, the prospective deal also provides some insight into how the industry (or at least Chevron’s board) are currently viewing the oil price. Chevron...

It is time to wave goodbye to the conglomerate model

Thursday 11 Apr 2019

Conglomerate has become a dirty word as owning various businesses operating in different industries is no longer seen as relevant in the modern world. The returns for investors in these stocks also haven’t been great. It is very hard for a board to run a company with lots of complex parts and you...

Stimulus measures key to first quarter market rally

Thursday 04 Apr 2019

Stock markets around the world have bounced back in 2019 with positive gains in every single major market. This is a great outcome given how miserable markets were last year. However, it does seem slightly odd that markets are moving upwards when there are ongoing uncertainties clouding the...