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Don't take your eye off the news flow

Thursday 21 Feb 2019

We regularly talk about the importance of having an open mind when it comes to investing. On a related note it is worth thinking about maintaining focus on news flow, particularly for companies having a run of bad luck. You run the risk of missing important information if you take your eye off the...

Share buybacks return to the spotlight

Thursday 14 Feb 2019

Japan has become more shareholder-friendly over the past few years with companies handing back spare cash via higher dividends. This process has naturally extended to share buybacks, as evidenced last week by Sony declaring its first ever buyback. Although Sony’s actions boosted its share price,...

Why the Fed’s U-turn matters to investors around the world

Thursday 07 Feb 2019

There have been numerous interesting events in the US over the past week which matter to investors around the world. The latest economic data implies the US economy is doing very well with soaring job creation a key stand-out. Yet the US Federal Reserve has chosen to follow a more cautious path by...

Great start to the year for the markets... but can it last?

Thursday 31 Jan 2019

All major stock market indices around the world have risen in value so far this year apart from India where the S&P BSE 100 is down 1.3%. Russia’s Trading System index is top with an 11.2% gain and Brazil’s Bovespa index has advanced by 11.1%. The FTSE 250 is up 6.5% thanks to sterling strength...

Insights from the experts

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

The idea of a ‘letter to shareholders’ might strike some of you as a touch old fashioned and grandiose but the commentary presented by some fund managers can actually offer very useful insights and up-to-the-minute market intelligence. As we write Warren Buffett’s annual missive to shareholders...

The importance of having an open mind in investing

Thursday 17 Jan 2019

It can be hard to change your opinion of a stock or a fund manager if you have an established view of something or someone. Having an open mind can, however, lead to better investment decisions if there is information that warrants rethinking your view. This theme is central to our article on...

Have the markets become too negative?

Thursday 10 Jan 2019

Amid the relief rally which followed US Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell’s conciliatory comments on interest rates (4 Jan), one thing Powell said seemed somewhat curious. He observed that markets were ‘well ahead of the data’ in pricing in downside risks. While in one sense this was worthy of...

Why 2018 gave investors a valuable lesson

Thursday 20 Dec 2018

The past year has been a learning experience for investors. It has been a long overdue reminder that putting money in the markets can result in losses as well as gains. Don’t be down if your portfolio has taken a hit. Stay positive and remember that a long-term investing strategy will inevitably...

Tightened governance should benefit investors in the long-term

Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Greater efforts to make companies good corporate citizens should prove to be in the best interests of investors. The latest development is a new code of practice for large private companies called the Wates Principles and developed by a coalition led by the Financial Reporting Council, a body which...

Sharp increase in FTSE 100 CEO departures

Thursday 06 Dec 2018

The announcement that Paul Polman is stepping down next year as chief executive (CEO) of consumer goods giant Unilever ( ULVR ) is significant for more than one reason. While his departure isn’t really a surprise, given shareholders recently won a battle to keep the company’s headquarters in the UK...