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Look beyond FAANGs and Unicorns to tech’s enduring strengths

Thursday 24 Oct 2019

The technology sector feels a bit tarnished right now as many of its constituents prepare to report their third quarter earnings. The famous FAANGs – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (whose parent company is Alphabet) are struggling. Some, namely Amazon, Facebook and Google, are under...

Don’t let your money get caught in stranded assets

Thursday 17 Oct 2019

Weighing up the impact of being invested in stranded assets could be on the agenda for many investors in the coming years, particularly those with money in the energy and property spaces. Action to address climate change will see a large number of companies having to write down the value of assets...

Getting your head round Greggs’ share price slump

Thursday 10 Oct 2019

To be a good investor you must be able to understand why shares are moving in a certain direction. Greggs’ ( GRG ) 12.5% share price drop on 1 October upon publishing a new trading update is a perfect example to study. At first glance, the trading update looked very positive and so the large fall...

Planning for bad times can make you stronger

Thursday 03 Oct 2019

Investing involves some big decisions that can only be made if you think about the good and bad points. You need to think about how much money you could lose as well as make. And when it comes to saving in general you must also think about squirreling away adequate money to cope with difficult...

Shareholders feel the pain of Thomas Cook’s demise

Thursday 26 Sep 2019

The demise of travel operator Thomas Cook is not only awful for its customers and staff but also for shareholders who have lost all their money. While its customers should be able to get a refund for any holidays booked and not yet taken, via the ATOL scheme, travel insurance cover or debit/credit...

20 years of helping investors make money

Thursday 19 Sep 2019

Happy 20th birthday to Shares . In the two decades since we first hit the newsstands on 23 September 1999, the investment magazine has gone from strength to strength in helping the public to improve their investing skills and get bigger returns. Our goal is to educate readers so they can make...

Alarming statistics show severity of profit warnings

Thursday 12 Sep 2019

Profit warnings are one of investors’ worst nightmares and it seems we should be paying close attention to what’s going on, rather than clinging on in hope of a recovery. These warnings occur when a company admits it will no longer meet previous earnings expectations. They tend to result in a large...

Is it too soon to have a vegan ETF?

Thursday 05 Sep 2019

Anyone interested in thematic investing will be watching the nation’s change in food habits to see if veganism is a fad or a sustainable long-term shift in public eating choices. We won’t know for a couple of years whether the current excitement has simply been fueled by the food industry’s...

Are the good times over for markets this year?

Thursday 29 Aug 2019

Just how bad are the markets at the moment? While there are many negative headlines around weak economic growth, recession fears and volatile stock markets, equity performance figures have been far from disastrous. The FTSE All-Share is up 7.1% so far this year – in line with historical annual...

What could put markets in a sunnier mood?

Thursday 22 Aug 2019

The prospect of financial stimulus in Germany and China has lifted the market mood a touch but there is still plenty of doom and gloom around about the prospects for equities. This is not unwarranted given the long list of risk factors being weighed at present. However, an interesting way to look...