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Are the housebuilders built on soft foundations?

Thursday 02 Nov 2017

A rally in the housebuilding sector on expectations of further state support in the Budget on 22 November is coming to a juddering halt amid sceptical analyst comment, a slowdown in mortgage approvals and data which reveals the perilous state of Government finances. Investors have to decide if the...

We need to help more people understand money management

Thursday 26 Oct 2017

More needs to be done to encourage people of all ages to save for the future and to avoid getting into financial difficulty through inappropriate use of credit cards and loans. A new report by the Financial Conduct Authority, the City regulator, finds that millions of people are struggling with...

Is a flurry of IPO announcements bad news?

Thursday 19 Oct 2017

October and November are on course to be two of the busiest months for new stock market entrants this year. By my calculations there are 12 confirmed IPOs (initial public offerings) about to happen on the UK stock market and rumours of nearly another 20 companies set to float in the coming months...

How to spot trouble brewing with one of your investments

Thursday 12 Oct 2017

A shock profit warning and share suspension from toilet roll maker Accrol ( ACRL:AIM ) provides a timely reminder to look for negative signs in trading updates. It was impossible to spot all the negative points that led to Accrol saying current year earnings would be significantly below market...

Happy birthday to the new-look Shares

Thursday 05 Oct 2017

It’s time to wish happy birthday to Shares as an online-only publication. It’s been a year since we stopped printing the magazine and switched to the digital world. I’m happy to say it has been a very successful 12 months as reader numbers have gone up and we’ve been able to help even more people...

Are soaring stock markets a good sign?

Thursday 28 Sep 2017

The S&P index in the US is up nearly 270% since March 2009, making the current bull market the second strongest since World War 2, according to analysis by LPL Research. Stock markets in other parts of the world are also thriving. The DAX Xetra in Germany is up by more than 200% since 1 March...

Pay close attention to resource nationalism

Thursday 21 Sep 2017

I spotted a great comment on Twitter the other day which perfectly illustrated the brutal force of resource nationalism. It showed the share price performance of the larger UK mining stocks so far this year with the words ‘spot the companies with operations in Tanzania’. While nearly all of the...

Beware any UK consumer-facing stocks in your portfolio

Thursday 14 Sep 2017

Consumer confidence is influencing the direction of many share prices at present. Anyone invested in a business which relies on consumer spending is already likely to be nervous; and the near-term outlook doesn’t look promising. You may wish to think about taking some profit in your best performing...

Can outsourcers make a comeback?

Thursday 07 Sep 2017

Among the worst performing group of stocks in the last five years are the outsourcers. According to number crunching by UBS these companies, which do a variety of jobs in the public and private sectors such as running prisons or air traffic control, have underperformed the wider market by 50%. But...

Focus on sector data to get the investing edge

Thursday 31 Aug 2017

The majority of stock market commentary in the mainstream media focuses on the performance of the FTSE 100 or the FTSE All-Share. In order to better understand what’s going on, we believe it is worth drilling down to the sector level to see which industries are faring well and which are struggling...