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We show you the most expensive ETFs on the market

Thursday 08 Nov 2018

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have fast gained popularity for their reputation as a low-cost investment option. Cost-conscious investors have been attracted to these tracker funds because of their ability to track global stock markets for an annual fee as low as 0.04%. Investors should be sure to...

How to buy £1 of assets for 50p

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

Deep value investing involves buying bargain basement shares in the hope they will eventually move back to their intrinsic value. It is a strategy that has forged the reputations of some of the world’s greatest investors. Value investing can be highly volatile and takes a lot of patience; hence...

What are your options when a fund closes or merges with another?

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

Investors are frequently told they should a) always look to the long-term; and b) they should not put their money into the stock market unless they are willing to leave it there for at least five or 10 years. But what happens when a fund you had backed as a long-term winner suddenly closes? Number-...

How to grab a slice of growing Asian income

Thursday 18 Oct 2018

Income-seeking investors may want to investigate Asia, where improving corporate governance and fast-growing earnings are helping to drive dividend growth despite the prevailing negative sentiment towards emerging markets. Dividends from companies across the Asia Pacific region leapt 15.9% to a...

Back proven stock-picker Richard Penny to maintain his stellar record

Thursday 18 Oct 2018

Launched last month by CRUX Asset Management, the FP CRUX UK Special Situations Fund (BG5Q5X2) is managed by seasoned investor Richard Penny. In a coup for the firm, this summer Penny joined CRUX from Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM). At LGIM, he’d built a reputation for stock...

Does taking greater risk equal greater reward with investing?

Thursday 11 Oct 2018

The greater the risk, the greater the potential reward is a common adage in investment. After all, if you could generate the best returns by investing in UK government bonds (also known as gilts), why would you ever think of putting any money into racier assets? But measuring risk is difficult, and...

Alternatives to Fundsmith’s new global smaller companies trust

Thursday 04 Oct 2018

The high-profile launch of a new investment trust from star manager Terry Smith has turned investors’ attention to global smaller companies. Smith’s new trust, Smithson , will focus on companies across the globe that are too small for his flagship Fundsmith Equity (B41YBW7) fund to invest in. He...

Vanguard and Invesco among big winners at the AJ Bell FIT awards

Thursday 27 Sep 2018

More than 7,300 private investors and financial advisers have voted on which funds and investment trusts should be awarded best-in-class across 15 product categories in this year’s AJ Bell Funds & Investment Trust (FIT) Awards. The winners included multiple gongs for asset managers Vanguard and...

Could financial funds benefit as interest rates rise?

Thursday 13 Sep 2018

After months of speculation, the Bank of England finally raised interest rates on 2 August. With rates so low for so long, banks have seen their margins squeezed but, with interest rates now rising, will profitability improve and if so, could specialist financials funds be worth considering? UK...

ETFs to help new investors

Thursday 06 Sep 2018

With more than 2,500 open-ended funds available to UK investors, building an investment portfolio from scratch can often seem incredibly daunting. For newbie investors, many experts suggest using tracker funds as the starting point for your portfolio. Adam Laird, head of ETF strategy at Lyxor, says...