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How fast are earnings growing among FTSE 100 stocks?

Thursday 06 Jun 2019

Which blue-chip stocks have the fastest earnings growth? By using market screening tools and comparing growth with valuation we have come up with some useful insights which could provide the basis for further research. RELIABLE GROWTH OR DANGER AHEAD? Employing data from Stockopedia we measured...

What do I need to know about pension transfers?

Thursday 16 May 2019

Pension freedoms introduced in 2015 have given people more control than ever before over their finances in retirement – but they have also created some confusion. There are a number of different types of pension – you might have more than one – and it is not always clear which is the best option...

Planning for a 100-year life

Thursday 25 Apr 2019

When am I going to die? This question, while slightly morbid, is essential when devising a retirement income plan. In a recent survey of savers who had entered drawdown – keeping their pension pot invested while taking an income – since April 2015, respondents aged 55 to 59 on average thought they...

UK’s best performing technology companies so far in 2019

Thursday 25 Apr 2019

UK technology stocks have soared in 2019, matching or beating the performance of much better-known benchmarks for leading technology companies such as the Thomson Reuters Global Technology index or the US-based NASDAQ. While recent technology headlines have been captured by Uber’s IPO, Apple’s...

The clever way to invest in companies with a competitive edge

Thursday 25 Apr 2019

Are you looking for undervalued and high quality companies that have the right characteristics to potentially fend off even the fiercest of rivals for at least 20 years? If so, analysis from financial services firm Morningstar may be able to point you in the right direction. Morningstar uses five...

The biggest dividend yields in the FTSE 350

Thursday 11 Apr 2019

Dividends are a big reason people invest in shares. The prospect of securing a juicy yield on your money is an appealing one. And with the FTSE 100 paying a prospective dividend yield close to 5%, the income attractions of UK stocks have rarely been more evident. But buyer beware, these dividends...

How to get young people interested in finance

Thursday 11 Apr 2019

When it comes to saving and investing, the earlier you start the better – but getting young people interested in finance isn’t always easy. Starting your investment journey at an early age has myriad benefits; your money has longer in the market to grow and can enjoy the benefits for compound...

The hottest parts of the UK market so far in 2019

Thursday 04 Apr 2019

While the performance of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE All-Share tends to dominate the headlines, it can be useful to take a more nuanced approach and focus on the performance of individual sectors within these headline indices. The tables show the five best and five worst performing sectors in...

What happens to my pension when I die?

Thursday 07 Mar 2019

People often talk about leaving their assets for their dependents but the vast majority don’t how their money will be handled on their death or how it will be taxed. Research by AJ Bell last year found that just 7% of people know how their pension will be dealt with on death, with a quarter saying...

Pension tax-free cash: What are the rules and does it always pay to take it?

Thursday 07 Mar 2019

Of all the benefits of saving in a pension, perhaps the best understood is the ability to take a quarter of your fund tax-free from age 55. As a result, getting at this money is a priority for millions of people approaching retirement. In fact, research carried out by the Financial Conduct...