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Guaranteed incomes: defined benefit pensions, annuities and the price of freedom and choice

Thursday 07 Mar 2019

If you were offered £1m today or £1,000 a week for the rest of your life, which would you choose? This was the very real – and admittedly enviable – dilemma facing 18-year-old Canadian Charlie Lagarde when she won the lottery in March 2018. In the end, she sensibly went for the weekly income option...

A simple guide to pension tax rules

Thursday 28 Feb 2019

There is a myth that pensions always have to be complicated. In fact, 17% of AJ Bell Youinvest customers said understanding tax was the most complicated thing about retirement investing, while almost one in six said simplification of pension rules would encourage them to save more. For the vast...

How much do you need to save for a good retirement?

Thursday 28 Feb 2019

People work all their lives to be able to retire comfortably, so when you come to hand in your work pass and say goodbye to your desk you want to make sure you’ve saved enough to enjoy retirement. Some people worry that they have left their pension saving too late, and so bury their heads in the...

How do SIPPs work and are they right for me?

Thursday 28 Feb 2019

A self-invested personal pension (SIPP) is an effective low-cost way for DIY investors to save for retirement – but they are not the right choice for everyone. SIPPs became more popular in 2015 when new rules made pensions more flexible to manage. At this point, savers were no longer to obliged to...

Which companies are potential takeover targets in the healthcare sector?

Thursday 07 Feb 2019

Corporate activity in the healthcare sector is heating up. GlaxoSmithKline ( GSK ) and US rival Pfizer plan to marry their consumer health businesses in a £10bn joint venture. Bristol-Myers Squibb has made a $74bn takeover offer for Celgene and Eli Lily is to pay $8bn for Loxo Oncology. Analysts...

Can the sun rise on Japanese stocks?

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

A poor end to the year saw Japanese funds rank among the worst performers of 2018 – but could this year see a turnaround? Japan’s TOPIX index hit levels not seen since the early 90s in the first part of 2018, while the Nikkei index broke the 24,000 barrier for the first time in years. Yet by the...

What are convertible bonds and why could they shine in 2019?

Thursday 17 Jan 2019

When convertible bonds are mentioned, the reaction of most people is to yawn. They have a reputation of being a bit geeky and in the realm of mathematicians. But in a time when interest rates are starting to creep up – albeit slowly – and equities are climbing a ‘wall of worry’, the chameleon...

Everything you need to know about impact investing

Thursday 10 Jan 2019

A New Year is typically a time to make resolutions and beyond self-improvement many of us will be considering ways we can make a positive contribution to the world around us. The investment industry is responding to this aspiration with vehicles which look to do good with your money as well as...

Fast growing small caps for 2019

Thursday 20 Dec 2018

Despite all the uncertainty created by Brexit the latest reading from the Quoted Companies Alliance/YouGov Small & Mid-Cap Sentiment index suggests most small and medium-sized companies in the UK are optimistic about 2019. Nearly three quarters of the companies surveyed expect to increase the...

Going, going, gone? Lessons for investors on why businesses fail

Thursday 20 Dec 2018

Looking back over 2018, the list of UK companies which have gone bust or entered into voluntary restructuring looks like the kind of Christmas reading only Scrooge would enjoy. Although only a few of these were, or are, companies listed on a stock market, the issues behind their problems are very...