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The best ESG investments

Thursday 19 Mar 2020

The ESG (environmental, social and governance) theme is heavily in demand with investors looking for ways to profit from companies trying to make the world a better place. Unfortunately finding suitable investments isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Firstly, a lot of companies say they...

Many stocks now offer yields above 10%

Thursday 19 Mar 2020

Investors whose main aim is to generate a steady income from their portfolio in order to cover regular outgoings will be less than pleased at the Bank of England’s decision to cut base rates to 0.25% last week. While the cut is intended to help businesses manage the expected economic slowdown...

Market sell-off presents great opportunity to buy quality funds and stocks

Thursday 12 Mar 2020

Given the scale of the global market sell-off, now could prove an opportune time to buy quality stocks or to invest in funds with a quality tilt. We cannot say for certain that they will be good investments in the short-term, yet we’re much more confident they will provide generous rewards in the...

Corporate debt crisis: The stocks you shouldn’t own

Thursday 12 Mar 2020

Coronavirus presents a big risk to corporate earnings if world trade is affected and companies’ supply chains are interrupted. While investors have begun to factor this risk into company valuations over the last month, when companies say they no longer have visibility over earnings it makes the job...

Market sell-off: assessing the damage and looking for bargains

Thursday 05 Mar 2020

WHAT’S IN THIS ARTICLE? We’ll run through the reasons why stocks have fallen, compare this sell-off to previous market corrections and consider why certain companies have been affected more than others. We will also look at the stocks that have risen in value during the market turmoil and finally...

Which ISA is right for you?

Thursday 27 Feb 2020

ISAs are one of the greatest inventions in the world of saving and investing. The ability to hold your money in a wrapper that is free of tax on capital gains and dividends is a wonderful thing and everyone should make the most of them each year. There are six types of ISAs which is arguably too...

Nifty 50: an anatomy of India’s flagship stock index

Thursday 27 Feb 2020

Launched in the mid-1990s by the National Stock Exchange of India, the Nifty 50 is one of two key benchmarks for Indian equities along with the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex index. As its name suggests the Nifty includes 50 constituents, whereas the Sensex includes 30, and as such it covers a...

Emerging markets: Views from the experts

Thursday 27 Feb 2020

1 – The outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus in China , which has spread across Asia and other parts of the world, has had a negative impact on sentiment in the short term. Business activity and consumption in China have been significantly impacted as people curtail their movements as a...

Reinventing BP: is the FTSE 100 giant going to turn its back on oil and gas?

Thursday 20 Feb 2020

Oil major BP ( BP. ) is the fourth largest company on the FTSE 100, representing 5% of the total market cap of the index. According to Link Market Services, BP and Royal Dutch Shell ( RDSB ) combined paid 20% of all dividends served up by UK-listed firms over the last decade. It is unsurprisingly a...

You don’t need a lot of money to start investing

Thursday 13 Feb 2020

Getting started with investing can seem quite daunting with the perception being that thousands of pounds are needed before you can kick off. In reality, that’s not the case at all and technically you could start by buying a share in a company for 1p for example, although this would not be...