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Why KPIs are an essential tool to decoding a company’s performance

Thursday 02 Aug 2018

Firms operating in different industries have their own yardsticks for performance, beyond the usual metrics like pre-tax profit, revenue and cash flow. These key performance indicators or KPIs for short can help you spot positive or negative trends before they show up in the P&L or balance...

The A to Z of fund share classes

Thursday 12 Jul 2018

Investors can often find it difficult to find the right fund out of thousands at the best of times, but have you ever wondered what the various letters attached to individual collectives mean? For investors looking for a good deal, these letters are important and can determine whether you end up...

Understanding the different types of stock market announcements

Thursday 14 Jun 2018

Among the benefits of investing in a stock market-listed company is transparency. All London-listed firms are required to report important bits of information which could have an impact on their share price in a timely fashion. If you’ve ever wondered what the different types of announcements mean...