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The price conundrum for stock market winners

Thursday 17 Sep 2020

Every now and again you come across a stock which keeps churning out good news, fuelling a share price rally. Backing winners is an obvious strategy for investors; after all, surely there is merit in putting your money into a business that is going places rather than one that is stuck in the mud?...

Companies with value propositions could shine

Thursday 10 Sep 2020

After a strong rebound in UK retail sales over the summer as lockdown measures were relaxed, one might conclude that value-led propositions are going to be the strongest part of the sector in the coming months. Retail sales volumes increased by 3.6% between June and July. This was driven in large...

IPOs are back as companies eye a window of opportunity

Thursday 03 Sep 2020

A surge in companies coming to the stock market would suggest there is a considerable improvement in investor confidence since the brutal sell-off in equities earlier this year. It also helps that investors have been happy to back companies during the pandemic. It makes sense for other companies to...

FTSE primed to play catch-up after lagging US stocks

Thursday 27 Aug 2020

Investors in UK stocks have been looking jealously (or frustratingly) at the performance of the US markets and wondering why the FTSE 100 has stubbornly refused to rebound as fast. Year to date, the S&P 500 is up nearly 5% and the Nasdaq is up 25% whereas the FTSE 100 is down nearly 19%, all on...

Hurray! Dividends are back on the menu again

Thursday 20 Aug 2020

More than £2.2 billion of dividends will now be paid by London-listed companies which previously halted payments during the pandemic. The figure relates to dividends declared since the start of July and includes six companies in the FTSE 100. This sends a very strong message to the market that...

Could volatility return before the summer is out?

Thursday 13 Aug 2020

It is always tricky for investors to work out what’s coming next in the markets but it feels unusually difficult at the moment. Several intertwined and competing factors are in play, including the coronavirus pandemic and its economic impact, tensions between China and the developed world and the...

Limits on taking money out of property funds might be no bad thing

Thursday 06 Aug 2020

Thanks to the introduction of technology, a competitive landscape for products and platforms and the general faster pace of 21st century life we have all got used to the idea of being to buy and sell our investments whenever we want. The idea of giving six months’ notice to exit an open-ended...

The signals that suggest it’s time to buy Unilever

Thursday 30 Jul 2020

In a world where everyone seems to be obsessed with growth, it’s quite interesting when Unilever ( ULVR ) sees its share price jump 8.4% on reporting no growth at all (23 July). The consumer goods giant managed to avoid the second quarter decline predicted by analysts and deliver a resilient...

Predicting investment returns for the next decade

Thursday 23 Jul 2020

It is important to set the right expectations with investing and one way is to look at historical averages for different asset classes. That will give you a sense of what is achievable, albeit there will be years when returns are considerably above or below these levels. Another way of setting your...

Biden becoming US president could be bad for stocks

Thursday 16 Jul 2020

Investors’ ferocious appetite for tech stocks is helping to drive up the US stock market. The second quarter earnings season is now underway and could easily knock this rally off course if the tech companies disappoint with their earnings growth, profit margins or outlook, due to heightened...