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The neat guide to understanding investment trusts

Thursday 14 Mar 2019

This book is essential reading if you are serious about long term investing and want to use investment trusts to gain exposure to different parts of the market. It is very easy to read with bite-sized chapters covering a wide range of topics. These include the basics of investment trusts and...

Why The Great Crash 1929 is essential reading

Thursday 14 Mar 2019

In terms of market histories, The Great Crash stands out not just for the significance of the events it describes but also for the standard of writing. As well as lecturing in economics at Harvard and Princeton, its author John Kenneth Galbraith was an accomplished author having published two major...

The Intelligent Investor: is this book relevant today?

Thursday 14 Feb 2019

Books on investing tend to fall into two categories, self-help books and market histories. Probably the best-known investment book of all and therefore the natural starting point is Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor . Warren Buffett, a student of Graham’s at Columbia University’s Business...


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