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Oils and banks remain the key to FTSE 100’s momentum

Thursday 21 Jun 2018

After ending 2017 on a hot streak the FTSE 100 is finding the going tougher in 2018. Although it stands within touching distance of the all-time high reached in May, the benchmark index can point to a capital return of barely 1% as the first half of this year draws to a close. This naturally begs...

Why the G7 and global trade talks really do matter

Thursday 14 Jun 2018

Whatever investors think of US president Donald Trump, his theatrical exit from the G7 meeting in Quebec and subsequent barrage of tweets on trade policy, no-one can ignore him. And this is because the issue of trade and tariffs could have profound consequences, which in turn will have implications...

Why the world is becoming hot on solar power

Thursday 07 Jun 2018

The date was 27 August 1956. The UK was in the midst of the Suez Canal crisis and rationing petrol. Black and white TVs were about to enter mass production, and folk tuning in for the inaugural Eurovision Song Contest would be disappointed, not for the first time, at the British entry. As a sign of...

Why investors will be hoping transport stocks pick up steam in the second half of 2018

Thursday 31 May 2018

The details are far from clear, but it does seem as if America and China may be stepping back from the brink of a trade war and mutual exchange of tariffs from which only losers, not winners were likely to emerge, whatever President Trump may argue. So far the only detail to emerge is China’s move...

Four links in the global financial market chain have weakened: which is next?

Thursday 24 May 2018

This week’s column is indebted to two charts from Fidelity’s vastly experienced fund manager Ian Spreadbury at a recent conference. This is not to put words into Mr Spreadbury’s mouth – he needs no help on that front – and any views expressed here are strictly those of this column, but credit must...

Four lessons to draw from the year so far

Thursday 17 May 2018

The accompanying table suggests that 2018 is proving anything but straightforward, with many popular asset classes failing to deliver and some unloved ones doing relatively well. But investors can perhaps draw four lessons from the market action in 2018 so far, as they seek to protect and growth...

Is it time to embrace or escape from emerging markets?

Thursday 10 May 2018

One of many aphorisms uttered by investment legend Warren Buffett is that ‘you cannot buy what is popular and do well’. This implies the best portfolio returns are generated when investors take exposure to an asset class, geographic region or investment theme when no-one else is looking and...

Which equity sectors are hot (and cold) as the markets head into summer?

Thursday 03 May 2018

Global equity markets appear to be regathering a little of their poise. Hopes are gathering that fresh talks between the US and China will avoid a nasty trade war. There is similar optimism that the marked absence of a Russian response to Western intervention in a war with the shooting in Syria...

What could happen to tech stocks if it all goes wrong?

Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Six of the world’s seven biggest companies by market capitalisation hail from the technology sector, which also offers 10 of the most valuable 25 companies. The six are Apple, Alphabet (Google’s parent), Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent and Alibaba. Investors with exposure to this sector, either directly...