magazine 1 Jun 2022

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Ker-ching! Shares highlights seven under the radar stocks and funds which pay more than 4% income.

Find out why we could be in store for a summer rally and discover the companies which are delivering good news against a tough backdrop.

Investment ideas this week include a sports retailer trading way below its recent valuation and a fund which specialises in biotech businesses.

Plus, the latest on the turnaround at Marks & Spencer, a deep dive into the gambling sector and the opportunities and threats in front of it and a Scottish small cap tech company bucking negative market trends. Other articles discuss the supermarkets, savings rates and income funds.

FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Nasdaq enjoy best week in months as investors look for oversold stocks

There is a lot to consider if you want to get more for your money

ANGLE’s parsortix technology can identify 31 different types of cancer cells

Forever21-to-Brooks Brothers owner coveting quirky British fashion brand as Missguided enters administration

Power generators spared for now but more measures could be on the way

Shoppers can expect lots of ‘specials’ as grocers try to boost sales

Rapid expansion of online gambling and increasing sector consolidation provide good tailwinds but regulatory threats loom

While many stocks have fallen this year the message from management is often not as bleak

Telecoms testing kit maker plays into big investment themes that should drive sustainable growth

A selection of investment ideas to help generate positive returns and cash in your pocket

They are paid to beat the market, so why is a passive vehicle now a star performer?

IT contracting firm unveils bullish update and is responding to high levels of demand

Managers of International Biotechnology trust see a compelling opportunity to tap innovation at attractive prices

Consumer spending concerns and Cowgill exit leave retailer at a whopping discount relative to recent history

Property business Henry Boot continues to raise the bar with each update

New team sets realistic expectations for Marks & Spencer in view of squeeze on consumers

Shell and BP barely blinked when Rishi Sunak announced a new levy on the sector

There are pros and cons when choosing how to boost your retirement savings