magazine 26 May 2022

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Cut-price quality. Shares takes a look at the fallen stars of the FTSE 350 to identify potential investment opportunities.

Find out how equity income funds have come back in fashion against a tricky backdrop. Discover more about the Walmart and Target results which led to heavy selling both in their shares and the wider US market.
The digital magazine examines why Indivior shares are up six-fold in two years and how this doesn’t tell the full story.

Plus, what to do when one of your investments goes wrong, the Buffett-inspired funds sticking to the script despite recent weak performance and what next as the S&P 500 enters bear market territory.

The social media platform owner has never been profitable at the operating level since listing on the stock market

The tractor manufacturer recovers from a big sell-off after revenue missed expectations

History provides an imperfect guide to the future direction of markets

Workers’ responses mean office owners’ optimism may be misplaced

American retail giants were marked down heavily as updates reveal bloated inventories and cast doubt on US consumer strength

What we can learn from the performance of the S&P 500 in the first part of 2019 and 2022 to date

Indivior has a clear roadmap for achieving $1 billion of revenues from Sublocade and $300 million from Perseris

This Buffett-inspired pair of stablemates have had a tough time lately but remain committed to their investment process

Three things the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team are thinking about today

The economy is below historic levels of GDP expansion but still ranks high globally

Losses are inevitable, it’s how you handle them that matters

We select three companies we believe have been sold-off too heavily

Vehicles investing in dividend-paying stocks have held up better than most in 2022

F&C Investment Trust has weathered countless conflicts and crises to come out the other side

Investors should look beyond short-term recessionary threats for exciting rewards potential

The 48% decline in the share price in 2022 to date has created an attractive entry point

Our buy recommendation is getting closer to parity after a robust trading update

Its shares are trading at a rare discount after Amazon spooked the market

A one-time hit to cash flow is a drop in the ocean compared with many years of earnings growth

Our resident expert explains how long you should have to wait and how you can raise a grievance