magazine 12 May 2022

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Will markets pick up soon? Shares examines what’s gone wrong and what might come next for stocks, bonds and more.

Investors are eager to find good dividend payers to help combat inflation so Shares highlights three stocks with the right qualities.

Find out what might happen to bitcoin now interest rates are rising. You can also read about a fund that’s bucked the negative market trend and returned nearly 18% so far this year.

Shares takes a deep dive into media group Future whose multi-year share price rally has gone into reverse.

Other articles discuss the retail sector, Shell’s dividends, Adobe, Aston Martin and stocks playing the agriculture boom.

Shares in consumer-facing companies are falling in both the UK and the US

£1.09 billion deal for Ideagen shows appetite for quality recurring revenue businesses

Agriculture-related stocks have been big winners year-to-date amid soaring crop prices

The oil major should be able to shrug off the impact of any additional levy

Investors will be hoping for a miracle given the state of the share price

Maintaining parity with rising prices has become a more important consideration in the search for yield

The sector is recovering from the pandemic but the consumer outlook is uncertain

Worst case scenarios for the cryptocurrency space could be very ugly

It's important for investors to understand the key factors driving stocks, bonds and other assets

Growth shares may be off the menu but this company has a magic recipe

Argonaut has shown it is possible to make good money despite markets falling

Both can sit together and play a key role in a diversified investment portfolio

McColl’s won’t be the only business to collapse this year

Creative software market leader has growth and quality credentials and trades at a discount to its usual rating

The science kit manufacturer helps arrest the slide in its share price with an excellent update

The investment trust has been hit by shifting investor sentiment but is sticking to a successful recipe

Inflation-linked bonds represent around a third of the fund providing some ballast against rising prices

Home REIT is doing all it can to help solve the homelessness crisis while generating strong returns for investors

A single digit forward PE and a dividend yield of  7% is way too cheap for this quality outfit

Our expert answers a question on what to consider with a grandparent’s legacy