magazine 14 Apr 2022

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Make your money work harder. Shares explains why it is crucial to invest any spare cash now to stop it being eaten away by inflation.

Discover the stocks and funds which might benefit from nuclear power being crucial to the UK’s new energy security plan.

Struggling to get your head round the choices with ESG investments? Shares breaks down the universe into six easy to understand categories.

Find out why AstraZeneca’s shares have just hit a new record high and how ITV hasn’t been a hit with investors.

You can also read about retailers, housebuilders, succession plans for the longest-serving investment trust managers and a big strategy change at Volkswagen.

The rapid rise of electric vehicles has prompted a rethink for the business

Discounters are gaining share rapidly while ‘unhealthy’ multi-buys are set to be axed

There is a lot of talk about non-fungible tokens but few understand what they are

Starting pay increased at the fastest rate since records began in March

This guide will help you navigate the maze of environmental, social and governance funds

Experience counts in fund management but it is always important to have a well-prepared next generation waiting in the wings

Nuclear is once again a key part of the UK’s energy strategy

The group is on a roll with positive news flow and strategic progress

Sitting on cash isn’t a sensible strategy when the cost of living is soaring higher

The shares are cheap for a reason because it faces major structural challenges

The sectors have both fallen by 25% year to date but headwinds remain

The company has resilient earnings as its services are essential for clients

The acquisition means a step-change in growth for the building materials supplier

The investment trust achieves 40th consecutive year of dividend hikes amid strong performance

Recent news from its portfolio companies demonstrate the investor’s growth potential

A reader in their 60s also wants to know about pension credit