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Solid operational progress has been achieved in the Czech Republic and at DataGryd, a US datacentre operator
Thursday 24 Mar 2022 Author: Martin Gamble

Cordiant Global Infrastructure (CORD) 106.6p

Gain to date: 1.5%

Original entry point: Buy at 105p, 13 May 2021

In its latest update specialist investor in mid-market data-centres, mobile communications, and fibre optic networks Cordiant Global Infrastructure (CORD) confirmed it has no exposure to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.

The £352 million acquisition of Polish of multi-asset digital infrastructure company Emitel announced in January 2022 has received anti-trust approval from the authorities.

This marks an important step in the multi-stage government and regulatory process. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the Polish zlotty has seen elevated volatility.

The company has responded accordingly and is implementing a prudent currency risk management strategy. On completion Emitel will represent half of the trust’s assets.

Cordiant Digital’s pipeline of acquisition opportunities has grown to more than €3 billion. To facilitate the pipeline the company is in discussions with lenders to secure structured finance.

Geographically, targets are split evenly between North America and western Europe which will provide more balance and welcome diversification.

SHARES SAYS: The shares remain a buy.

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