magazine 27 Jan 2022

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Don’t miss the new issue of Shares magazine which explains the reasons behind the market turmoil we’ve seen so far in 2022 and what investors might want to consider next.

There is an in-depth look at Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and Shell, as well as articles on Netflix, WH Smith, Microsoft, Oxford Nanopore, Rio Tinto and ASML.

Editor Daniel Coatsworth considers the sectors that might rise if markets keep falling.

Read about how global funds including Fundsmith and Blue Whale have fared in the latest market turbulence, and why Unilever could be the next big takeover target.

Finally, learn when and how you pay charges for investments.

M&A could be back on the agenda and there is also big news on two important projects

An expected slowdown in subscriber growth has hurt its share price

Dire warnings on the outlook for stocks and shares

The company appears to have lost its way under the current CEO

You should expect to pay a fee or ongoing charge for buying and selling investments and holding them

Why shares have fallen and what could happen next

The dominant emerging markets have seen a significant divergence in performance in the last 10 years

Three things the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team are thinking about today

Software giant’s $68.7 billion deal is about more than just gaming

Newly listed firm’s cheaper sequencing chips are enabling mass market access to the data of life

Global growth funds in general have struggled so far in 2022

Looking at the top performers that invest in shares in developing economies

Understanding the investment strategy is key to deciding

It’s been a brutal start to 2022 for investors but that doesn’t mean the whole market has declined

Investors have a second chance to buy at our ‘in’ price

The global retailer expects better trading conditions in the months ahead

The energy firm offers a cheap way to play a change in the market backdrop

Recent sell-off offers a prime opportunity to add to holdings

How investors might react as the Fed looks to hike rates

A lot of people now have more than one retirement savings pot