magazine 21 Oct 2021

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The simple way to invest. The new issue of Shares Magazine highlights how low-cost ETFs can help you build an ISA portfolio from scratch.

Also in the digital magazine: how long it might take to turn £10,000 to £100,000 in the markets, which household bills are rising and by how much and a detailed look at online reviews platform Trustpilot.

This week’s investment ideas include a small cap wholesaler which is firmly in the driving seat plus a German software giant plotting a big move into cloud computing.

Plus discover the key things to watch from UK bank updates as they look to match a stellar showing from US lenders.

Can British lenders match the strong showing from their US counterparts?

New asset class is likely to attract widespread interest

Bulls hope ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy will get US regulator backing

How UK investors can play the element

Stelrad and ProCook steel themselves for IPO

Higher producer prices could spell rate rises sooner than investors expect

We look at different scenarios and offer suggestions for two stocks that might help you on your journey

The flotation of Made Tech should also help show the world that AIM can be a good place for smaller tech firms

Selling off assets to be run independently can often unlock value by removing the ‘conglomerate discount’

It's really easy to get exposure to companies around the world – we show you how

We look at two companies which support employees and meet the social aspect of ESG

The stock has shone since listing in London but that is not yet reflected in the bottom line

We break down the figures and reveal how much extra you might soon have to pay

Lessons from a car crash investor event

Power components designer could hit £60 within next year

Ambitious strategy could spark complete rethink of German firm’s valuation

Batteries, vitamin and vaping supplier Supreme has posted a reassuring update and offers the potential for upgrades

Entertainment goliath can move past recent disappointments

Extensive fleet of vehicles and in-house drivers is enabling the wholesaler to boost its competitive position

QinetiQ seems well positioned to deliver on its medium term ambitions

The assets that could do well in each of these three situations

Our expert explains that the limits apply to the amount amassed in a pension not just contributions