magazine 9 Sep 2021

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Discover investment trusts and large cap stocks that offer 5% yields or more. You can also learn how to find small caps with a higher dividend yield than the FTSE 100.

This week’s investment ideas include a beauty business new to the UK market and a value-themed UK investment trust.

Elsewhere, Shares considers the investment decisions to make as someone approaches retirement.

Continuing its education series on using charts, Shares explains moving averages and how to use this information to trade stocks.

Learn why patchy US jobs data hasn’t derailed markets and why there are big changes that matter to investors with money in German and Japanese stocks and funds.

The Government has done a U-turn on the triple lock and will also charge more tax on dividends and push up National Insurance rates

Some firms are having to scale back operations despite customer demand

The point at which the Federal Reserve could start tapering bond purchases might have been kicked down the road

Elections and an overhaul of the DAX will keep investors on their toes

The country’s Nikkei 225 index will also undergo some important changes

We screen the market to identify some compelling income opportunities

Comparing an established player and an upstart in the global advertising market

The lowdown on a surge in eco-friendly property lending

Significant pension liabilities could represent a poison pill for a potential acquirer

Digital tokens have a growing fanbase, but don’t look right for mainstream investors yet

Moving averages condense a lot of information and help to identify clear trends

The options for your portfolio and suggestions on what to do next

Follow these steps to find companies with higher yields and hopefully sustainable dividends

Make-up-to-skincare products supplier has big ambitions to become the world’s most innovative and revolutionary beauty company

While there is a risk that the bidders walk away, their interest supports our original investment case

The diversified approach to UK stocks has helped underpin a strong long-term performance

Share buying by the chemicals company’s chairman sends the right signal

Examining what could knock the stocks leading the US market to record highs off course

Tom Selby explains the rules and the issues to consider