magazine 10 Jun 2021

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Market health check, Shares looks at why global stocks have stalled and just how concerned you should be about inflation.

Discover the turning point stocks which are becoming takeover targets for private equity firms and why there’s a big shake up at Scottish Investment Trust.

Find out what a delay to reopening in the UK might mean for stocks, why a range of sectors are facing staffing shortages and why the ‘meme’ stocks are back with a bang in the US.

The digital magazine also has a big guide on pensions tax rules and a rundown on how fund and investment trust sectors can help you select the right product.

Semiconductor supply issues set to persist with long-term drivers for demand

AMC, Blackberry and GameStop rally as Reddit investors go up against hedge funds again

The hospitality sector faces the largest impact if the June 21 unlocking date is postponed

Hospitality is in the front line, but it’s not the only industry struggling

Equities are struggling to make headway now but a 'Golden 20s' could be ahead of us

Manager Alasdair McKinnon is a well-known contrarian investor but his style has failed to keep up in the current value rally

Private equity increasingly looking for firms which have already been fixed

Maths whizz Jean Roche steers FTSE 250 focused Schroder UK Mid Cap

Familiarising yourself with different investment categories can be really useful

We provide an extensive run through of the different limits, allowances and rules

The market is surging and a new vehicle provides exposure to a buoyant rental sector

Tyre and component-maker is cheap and is growing rapidly

Insurer sees Cevian join shareholder base and push for more rapid change

Publishing firm has sustained the momentum built up during Covid restrictions

The lettings and estate agent has delivered 24 years of unbroken profit growth

Sticking to target markets is paying off for specialist electronic engineer

Fresh market listings raise questions about the risks of a downturn for equities

Our resident expert looks at whether changes to the inheritance status of retirement pots are coming