magazine 20 May 2021

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US vs China – which is best for investors and what are the investment options?

You can also read about why UK firms are buying back £8 billion worth of shares, how to assess property focused investment trusts, also known as REITS, and the top performing value funds in recent months

Discover why bitcoin has sold off, and get the story behind the latest inflation figures to spook investors.

Learn how UK engineer Hill & Smith can benefit from an infrastructure spending boom in North America and read about the continuing role for Covid diagnostic firms. Other articles this week look at Diageo, recent IPO flop Alphawave, Coca-Cola HBC and more.

Stocks have tumbled as prices look set to run higher in 2021

Finding stocks on AIM and how a ‘rule of 20’ is helping with investment decisions

On average you would have made good money by backing newly-listed companies

Improved sentiment towards the UK could be affected if rising cases derail reopening

Moving house and doing up existing ones adds to shortage in materials, skips and even hire vans

Could the Chinese market offer better investment opportunities than the US?

Despite a decline in infections, testing is likely to become routine to keep everyone safe and maintain freedoms

Research shows outperformance versus peers but claims of financial engineering persist

Shining a spotlight on the best performing value collectives since the market’s vaccine boost

We explain what they are, the key metrics to judge them by and the top performers

Rising prices can really hurt retirees but there are steps you can take to ease the pain

Blockchain – the technology which underpins the cryptocurrency – may be more durable

New chief executive has the pedigree to drive growth and a re-rating of the shares

Valuation has fallen despite stock’s 15%-plus rally as forecasts raised

Iron deficiency drug Accrufer could generate hundreds of millions in revenue in the coming years

Health services play agrees to bid 10 months after we added it to our Great Ideas list

In a show of confidence the drinks giant is resuming share buybacks

The cash-generative Coke bottler has had a solid start to the year

Examining the contribution of mining and oil and gas to dividends and profit from the index

Our resident expert on the merits of the two tax wrappers when it comes to building up your pot