magazine 6 May 2021

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Full speed ahead: stocks and funds to play the electric vehicle revolution. You can also read about the investment case for Google-owner Alphabet and why tech stocks are fighting back after a big earnings season.

Discover how certain FTSE 350 stocks might be affected if there is a new vote on Scottish independence, and why Warren Buffett has dismissed a push for greater ESG disclosure with Berkshire Hathaway.

Learn how 4.4% yielding Drax has kicked out coal and gone green, read about an environmental fund targeting small caps, and discover different ways to invest in Japan. Other articles this week look at Smithson Investment Trust, WH Smith, ConvaTec and more.

The famous investor also gave a warning to the flood of new people investing in the stock market

Surging sales are likely to remain post-pandemic for Apple and Amazon, but Facebook’s revenue could slow

A poll north of the border could have implications for a potential referendum and spook markets

Domestic-facing UK stocks look attractive on a global basis according to BMO chief economist

Exploring the potential of this fast-growing market and the ways to play it

Even if the long-term picture is positive investors may be underestimating the impact of the latest wave of the pandemic

After a period of unprecedented turbulence the company is turning on the investment taps again

Fund managers highlight the trends which are supporting country’s equity market

It has built one of the world’s largest biomass supply chains

Early access to great start-up businesses is possible but value generation may not always be rapid

Diversification, fees, cryptos, dividends and investment styles are all in focus

It’s just invested in Wingstop and already has stakes in two Domino’s Pizza groups

Medical products firm had lagged the market but is now gaining momentum

New stock market listings are grabbing investors’ attention but you should not overlook this proven value creator

Its decline is solely down to a weaker gold price

200% share price gain so far but there remains huge scope for more growth in time

A change in fund manager has shifted the focus from larger to smaller firms at this investment trust

Frames designer Inspecs is about to benefit from pent-up demand and eyewear market recovery

Despite technology stocks shining again there are signs of a shift in sentiment

We look at the range of tax-efficient savings vehicles