magazine 25 Mar 2021

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10 must-have stocks and funds for your ISA. Shares offers a selection of investment ideas for anyone looking to build a portfolio or add more names before the end of the tax year.

Read a special report on high street retailers and the ones which could thrive as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Shares also looks at a new tracker fund focused on online retailers enjoying earnings growth.

Discover how to select a renewable energy investment trust and why a manager resignation at Scottish Mortgage doesn’t spell the end of its successful run.

Find out why UK stocks are looking more attractive and how shares in travel companies have hit turbulence.

She’s back with a cash shell called AdvancedAdvT

Shares selects the potential winners as shoppers prepare to spend their lockdown savings

Companies are flush with cash but short of inspiration it seems

Most firms raised enough to survive until mid-2021 after expecting a big summer recovery, but will need more if foreign holidays are banned this season

The fund manager’s resignation is not a sign that growth stocks are now a losing trade

Three things the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team are thinking about today

With large unbanked populations there is more scope for growth

Shortage of these tiny but vital bits of tech hardware underscores the opportunity for the industry and investors

Here’s the important information to consider before choosing a fund or trust

The tax year is almost over so make the most of your annual ISA allowance

The FTSE 100 company is at the forefront of analytics, an area which is only likely to become more important in the digital age

Since the tax wrapper was introduced in 1999 smaller companies funds have outperformed

Bank of England says the UK’s economic recovery is ahead of schedule and we think the UK stock market still offers good value

Components designer is rebuilding its business with better quality profits

Last year wasn’t the best for the firm but it’s looking to 2021 with cautious optimism as restrictions get lifted

The company has increased its dominance of the Scottish TV market and has ambitious growth plans

We remain positive on the US car manufacturer as a play on the electric vehicle revolution and the development of autonomous driving

A new ETF offers access to global online retail winners but comes at a relatively high cost for a passive fund

While this part of the market is currently doing well, loss of momentum could signal trouble ahead

AJ Bell pensions expert Tom Selby looks at the case of a reader looking to switch to a different provider