magazine 18 Mar 2021

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How to get involved in IPOs, the companies coming to market soon and three stocks to buy, according to Shares.

Discover why the digital magazine believes now is a good time to buy Tesla and learn why AstraZeneca’s shares have been falling since summer 2020.

Everyone’s talking about hydrogen and there are three ways to invest in this week’s Shares. You can also find out about low-cost ways to play the rally in value stocks.

Other investment ideas this week include two funds for income seekers.

Shares also looks at how £50,000 inheritance could be used to get on the housing ladder and generate positive returns in the stock market.

The stock was sold down when AstraZeneca was full of good news and now it is rising on bad news

Manager Simon Barnard cautions against expecting a third year of ‘spectacular’ gains following success in 2019 and 2020

A crackdown in China triggers a fall in iron ore as analysts suggest caution, with Anglo American directors taking the chance to sell shares

German auto maker has grand plans for global EV market

The online shopping giant’s first checkout-free grocery store has arrived in the UK

Retail investors have missed out for years but hopefully they will be granted earlier access soon

ITM Power, Linde and an L&G ETF offer great ways to play this vibrant space

Recent volatility hasn’t changed the dynamics of a great growth business

The insurance industry is braced for a potential black swan event

Splicing up the pot to get on the housing ladder and to earn big from the stock market

It is a capital intensive utility despite talk of exciting growth from 5G and internet of things

Roblox, Deliveroo and Trustpilot look exciting stocks to own

The global multi-manager trust had a disappointing 2020

A lot of people will be wondering what to do with the cash saved during the pandemic

New stock market listings often follow the same pattern of up, down and then up again

The shares continue to move upwards following a string of good news

A 30% gain since November is very satisfying

Buy the property investor for inflation-linked income and a recovery in valuations as restrictions are loosened

Liontrust Global Dividend has a superb track record and has its finger on the pulse of corporate change

Value ETFs have pulled in record money this year

How different parts of the market performed during the pandemic