magazine 25 Feb 2021

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True tech growth stocks – top fund managers offer their views on what constitutes a technology firm in 2021, how to spot digital impostors and why investors need to look beyond labels to focus on growth.

This week’s Shares examines why inflation is troubling the market and the investment trusts which aim to beat rising prices.

There is a look ahead to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s upcoming Budget and a detailed insight into mining giant Glencore.

Get the latest on UK-listed banks as they restart dividends, the shares jumping as the UK publishes its roadmap to ending restrictions, and updates on US retail giant Walmart and insurer Aviva.

Plans to lift lockdown restrictions spark optimism but investors should not be cavalier in chasing leading stocks

Investors begin to heed inflation warning signs

Platform bosses want retail investors to get a foot in the door to market floats

The sector faces big challenges in a record low interest rate environment

We apply the insights covered by our First Time Investor series to an individual stock

Top fund managers on why it’s growth not labels that matter

Three things the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team are thinking about today

Looking at the markets which have yet to achieve ‘emerging’ status

The rush by Reddit users to own heavily shorted stocks raises an important question about short selling in general

The investment case is clouded by several major issues

As rising prices return we look at how these vehicles could help protect your wealth

A look at how potential moves by chancellor Rishi Sunak might affect your finances

It’s never been easier to access the markets but it is far from a level playing field

The REIT benefits as vaccines are rolled out across the care home sector

Latest disposal confirms strategy to streamline the insurer

The world’s biggest retailer is investing to strengthen its competitive advantage

Specialist construction firm has seen its shares stall which creates an opportunity for investors

Sale of business boosts finances and frees the company to focus on core operations

Could rising yields on government debt in the developing world be a warning signal?

The choice of vehicle for your savings will depend on your personal circumstances