magazine 3 Dec 2020

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Shares argues that investors cannot afford to ignore China. It looks at the key drivers for the country’s economy and suggests three funds to benefit.

Global markets are seeing a rotation from growth to value and this week’s digital magazine offers ways to play the trend via UK and US stocks and funds.

Discover the best performing open-ended funds in 2020 and the consequences of the pound rally on certain UK stocks.

Elsewhere this week: why higher rate pensions tax relief could face the chop, the dangers ahead of Tesla’s S&P 500 promotion, under the bonnet of Kraft Heinz, and why copper has displaced gold as the hot commodity.

Shares in the electric car maker have soared 39% in two weeks

Investors have turned against gold but copper is back in vogue, while OPEC’s delay has failed to calm oil markets

Music royalties are being seen as a less risky investment

It is worth finding out about the big investors in any of your holdings and their intentions

The fallout as Phlip Green retail empire enters administration

The company’s marketing of an insulation product is in the spotlight

Intuitive Investments has assembled an impressive board and advisory panel

Further currency strength could erode earnings for many large companies on the London Stock Exchange

As well as consumer and home products there is a huge potential market for the company in public transport

Investors are racing to own previously-beaten up stocks in the hope that a Covid vaccine will improve corporate earnings prospects

Investors cannot afford to ignore this part of the world

The food and drink giant owns beloved global brands, but the recent sales surge may be hard to sustain

Value is coming back into fashion with 2021 expected to see the best US economic growth since 1999

Outside of technology, US markets and ESG, it’s been a year many investors want to forget

It’s an obvious target as the Government seeks ways to save money

We explain ways to find cheap companies whose share prices could head higher

This digital transformer is helping the public sector embrace the age of the app

ABF’s profitable and growing foods business also offers important diversification

The company makes a major disposal and acquires vet health line

BlackRock North American Income looks very appealing in the current climate

The currency has fallen 9% since Donald Trump's inauguration on 20 January 2017

Our resident expert looks at the impact of pensions tracking a different inflation index