magazine 12 Nov 2020

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Find out the best and worst performing sectors during the vaccine-inspired global market rally.

Shares analyses the market movements to spot shifts in investor behaviour and the stocks which are still some way behind their pre-Covid levels.

Find out what’s next for Pfizer and when other important vaccine drug trial news is scheduled. Discover how investors are repositioning portfolios after Joe Biden’s election win.

FTSE 100 income favourites: time for a rethink? Shares looks at the popular stocks which have lost shareholders money despite generous dividends and considers other ways to generate an income.

Shares looks at news from McDonald’s and Beyond Meat and gets under the bonnet of Starbucks.

The next steps for Pfizer and other drug trial news to watch

Taking a look at the sectors which shone and those which struggled

We continue our series looking at how Malcolm is running his own pension

Hot on the heels of food companies reporting, next week brings numbers from big US retailers

The election victory has made it easier to spot the likely winning trades

Activity is spread across diverse sectors from insurance to biotech to gaming, suggesting a healthy appetite for UK companies

They are an effective way to grow quickly, but there are risks to understand

It's not worth owning a stock for income if it is losing you money

The coffee company is both a growth and income stock and looks a post-Covid world winner

The fund has raced ahead of its benchmark thanks tech firms and vaccine makers, but also dating and pet stocks

The focus is on companies with high socially responsible investment scores

Why getting on top of any debt, having emergency tax savings and tax wrappers are all important

The big reaction to vaccine news is justified – up to a point

Given the wide dispersion of possible outcomes for the company's earnings, the shares were always going to be a bumpy ride

The business lies at the heart of several mega-trends set to power the share price

Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus enables investors to access high-quality Asian small caps at a big discount

The food producer has positive earnings momentum ahead of the important Christmas selling season

The stock is up 6% since we said to buy a month ago following a strong third quarter update

The latest turmoil in the country may be flying under the radar but it could create real problems

The reasons for saving for retirement on top of a salary sacrifice scheme