magazine 3 Sep 2020

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Discover seven ETFs to build a low-cost investment portfolio without any hassle.

This week’s ideas include an investment trust that could shine if markets start to turn, and a little-known
optical products group expected to deliver rapid growth. Shares also looks at a European tech name that’s starting to gain fans on the stock market.

US markets flash warning signs with echoes of past corrections, beauty website owner Hut prepares for the biggest London listing of 2020 and find out what SDL shareholders need to consider with regards to a takeover offer from RWS.

Know your rights upon redundancy and find out about small cap stocks trading on single-digit multiples.

There are hopes that new funding will shore up the balance sheet and support turnaround but the company still faces many headwinds

The combined company would be a value-creation machine in any language

Actions by people at the top can tell you how they view the prospects for a company

Successor is expected to keep ‘Abenomics’ as the country looks to avoid a return to deflation

Damian from Swindon is tapping into high growth sectors so he can ditch the 9-5 and focus on his investments

Technical indicators, a lack of shorts and the rise of holding companies hark back to previous corrections

Has the US Federal Reserve just signalled it won’t raise interest rates for the next five years?

Flotation could land founder a giant windfall but investors should tread carefully

Decide on a sensible benchmark to monitor your portfolio’s progress against your long-term goals

We've put together a group of products which should serve investors well over time

Is it possible, or even advisable, to buy good small-cap companies on cheap ratings?

Shares in the German software company are expensive but this looks like a quality business

For those who need to use credit cards and loans, watch out for tighter lending criteria across the market

We explain what money you might get and the benefits available once you leave your job

Tech, healthcare and ESG-related companies could have the best chances of getting a market listing away

We see the REIT as a great source of dividends

The resignation of the car company's finance chief is a modest blow

Shares explains why the time is right to invest in all-weather investment vehicle Ruffer

Flutter generated adjusted free cash flow equivalent to 25% of revenues in the first-half

Myopia could affect 4.7 billion people by 2050, with long-sightedness hitting 4.1 billion

AJ Bell’s Tom Selby explains the rules around passing on a pension at  death