magazine 13 Aug 2020

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New China, New Order. As the world’s second largest economy moves onto the next phase of its development we look at the challenges and opportunities facing it and the rest of the world.

Find out why UK investment trusts are borrowing more to invest, discover the gold ETF which owns more bullion than the Bank of England and learn about the revamp underway at support services firm Serco.

Also in this week’s digital magazine: ETFs which track small cap stocks, could volatility return, why it's not too late to start saving for your retirement in your 40s and how people born in the 1980s are set for the biggest inheritance yet.

Shopkeepers are cutting costs to align themselves with a cautious, cash-strapped and socially-distanced consumer

The market selloff in March provided ‘rare opportunity’ to add quality stocks says manager Sam Cosh

Both the property site and the wider space are likely to be tested in the autumn

Its rise comes as a study examines whether ETF investors are dictating the price of gold

We explain the mechanics of making a stock transaction

Why the country's rise matters to your investment portfolio

Why its never too late to start investing for your retirement

Outsourcing firm returns to form after years ‘in the wilderness’

Big jump in gearing in UK-only sector at odds with approach taken by global trusts

We flag some tips for limiting the tax bill when leaving money for your loved ones

Investors should not be complacent but neither should they panic

Uniquely placed at the heart of a multi-year connectivity upgrade cycle

Viewing figures up but free to air broadcaster has not been able to profit from this trend yet

Further catalysts to come for Trinidad oil explorer

US microchips kit supplier up 20% in two months, but there is more to come

Unloved US car giant is cheap and could reward a patient investor

The potential upsides and drawbacks to a passive approach to smaller company investing

Why the asset class has appeal in the current environment and the risks to consider

Our resident expert helps with a question on consolidating retirement savings