magazine 6 Aug 2020

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Talking about a 5G revolution. The companies and funds exposed to the new era of digital communications.

Also in this week’s magazine: the implications of a commodities comeback and a look at when a big increase in subscribers for Spotify might translate into profit.

Find out about managing a pension in your 20s and 30s and get an insight from an investor who has recently taken control of their own retirement portfolio. Plus what the banks results reveal about the UK economy and analysis of BP’s dividend cut.

Discover the fundamentals of how the stock market works and what to take from strong numbers posted by the US technology giants.

We kick off a new series looking at how someone is running their own pension

$29 billion of earnings underlines thriving platforms in pandemic

Company is due to give further detail on strategy shift in September

Almost everything from gold to copper to corn has seen a big rebound since the height of the coronavirus pandemic

Web-based sales stagnated as non-essential shops reopened, yet retailer is set to remain digitally driven

We explain how the stock market brings buyers and sellers together, when and where you can trade and what an ‘auction’ is

A steep rise in provisions suggests more bad news is coming

Handy hints on how to start putting money aside for later life

The stocks and funds providing access to this solid investment theme

A lot has to go right for the music streamer to justify 40-times 2024 net earnings projections

We explain how some products are able to have very low fees

The holidays are a great time to get kids involved in money, from running a tuck shop and washing cars to buying shares in companies they know

A lack of transparency could be the big drawback of FCA property fund proposals

Margins will keep getting squeezed so it's time to exit

There could be significant upside on the cards if new economy consultancy gets it right

Increasing focus on air quality should benefit company over the long term

Hotel operator looks well placed to benefit from the problems affecting rival Travelodge

The pet care specialist is taking share in a structural growth market

The smart meter installer says full year revenue and profit are set to remain in-line with pre-coronavirus expectations.

Buying Barry Manilow’s song book bolsters an already formidable back catalogue for Hipgnosis

HMRC rules aim to prevent you taking more tax relief than you are owed