magazine 14 May 2020

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Shares considers how the world might look after the coronavirus crisis ends and picks seven stocks as potential winners.

There is good and bad news from Vodafone and BT for income investors. Ocado shares hit a new record high and investment trust Ruffer has its best ever month.

Discover the companies doing well during the crisis and why the market is turning against Rightmove.

Investment ideas include a healthcare ETF and a car retailer that could benefit from new Government advice on returning to work.

Also this week: bond ETFs, picking funds, the rise of pension scams, and how fund investors have fared during the first 50 days of lockdown.

They are like a box of chocolates, full of different things that can leave a nice taste

US/China bickering is also a factor that could destabilise markets

The regulators recently gave firms more time to pull together financial results

Shares in the sector have been hard hit after sites were temporarily closed

Analysts do not expect dividends to return to historical levels for many years to come

As income investors count the cost of cuts and suspensions we look ahead to those still to announce

Its fund managers think share prices will continue to move higher, but warn support could be pulled back if markets rise too much

The company faces renewed threats to its market position amid the coronavirus crisis

Amid the doom and gloom, some firms are quietly performing rather nicely

Spotting winners for the new world

We also look at the most popular stocks, funds and investment trusts

Instead, expect a greater focus on the ‘S’ (social) part of the equation

With China emerging from lockdown, business is expected to pick-up rapidly as pig herds are replenished

Social housing investor’s rental income has been unaffected by the crisis

The company should be plugged into an advertising recovery

Improving healthcare will be a priority once the coronavirus pandemic ends, and the companies in this ETF are well placed to benefit

Advice for workers to avoid public transport could help the motor retailer get back on its feet

The stock is up by 60% since we said to buy last summer

Ford Motor recently raised $8bn of high yield debt, much more the $3bn it was targeting, signalling increased investor demand for corporate bonds

Some companies are seeing an increase in cash flow thanks to robust prices for the precious metal

Watch out for pension scams as households experience financial stress